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Gardening is the other name for creativity in patience. Botanists and plant enthusiasts are passionate gardeners who would ensure utmost care for plants anywhere. Gardening can be either creating kitchen garden or patiently letting the blooms be the beauty of your home garden. At times it becomes frustrating as the tangerine shrub that you took care of like your own child would succumb to minor pest infestation. The lemon tree which took literally years to...


YouTube expanded over years while users went from learning ‘How to create YouTube accounts?’ to knowing ‘tricks & tips on monetizing YouTube channels.’ Did you ever wonder that a penny plain grey tick beside the channel name would act as a Badge of Pride for them?  YouTubers with 100,000+ subscribers, a regular pattern of video sharing and qualify other criteria necessary for verification get the grey tick on their channels. Thus, users focus on learning...


As per the announcement made in the YouTube Help Form, YouTube Channel Demographics will be among the features YouTube is trying to get rid off Knowing what age group is watching the most of your content on YouTube channel, gives the content creator an extra edge on creating new content. It helps the user to understand the age range, and gender distribution to gain further insights. An efficient YouTuber can ideate some simple scenarios for...


Metadata: Metadata is one of the most important parts of an upload. It consists of all the information and packaging you give to your video. Metadata of a video consists of: Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail, and other information like category, publish date, cast & crew etc. The metadata is one of the two most important metrics that make your video discoverable. READ MORE: 5 noteworthy ways to increase engagement on  

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