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Niharika Dutta3 years ago

Taylor Swift is back with a bang! The pop and country music artist just released her latest single “Me!” in collaboration with Panic! At the Disco frontman Brendon Urie along with the music video on YouTube. She’s making headlines after YouTube tweeted to declare that the music video had grossed 65.2 million streams within the first 24 hours of release on April 26th.

The tweet further stated that “Me!” has hit the high spot as the music video has broken the YouTube record of the highest views in the first 24 hours of release by a solo or female artist. Taylor Swift is no stranger to record-breaking statistics on her videos. Earlier, in 2017, Taylor Swift’s music video for the song “Look What You Made Me Do” grabbed the top spot for the highest climb to the most viewed in 24 hours. It was the lead single of her album Reputation.

Even though Swift may be the solo and female artist who’s bagged the biggest 24-hour debut on YouTube, she’s not the record holder when it comes to all music videos. Just recently, Korean pop band, BTS broke the same record grabbing in an astounding 74.6 million views in the first day.

The music video is in no way a modest one! It’s like a canvas that has been filled with pastel colors, rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, angels and clouds. ‘Me!” opens with a french tirade and abruptly bursts into the colourful treat that it is. It even manages to slide in her love for her two pet cats, Olivia and Meredith.

What makes her latest single so interesting is the bunch of puzzles she’s thrown at her fans. Here’s her comment below the video.

“So… the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in  the video AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet…”

She has taken all her fans for a ride with the subtle hints and symbolism in the video. From Easter eggs to mentions of her past work, Swifties are trying to find them all! She had also been actively engaging with fans on social media, answering their questions and making her presence felt. Her Instagram followers had been seeing glimpses of the music video in a 13-day countdown prior to its release.


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“But here’s the fun factor. Taylor Swift has a history of confusing her fans with the first single of her albums.”

More often than not, the first release is miles apart from the other songs of the album in terms of music and the theme. Classic examples are “Innocent” from Speak Now, “Shake It Off” from 1989, and also the record-breaking “Look What You Made Me Do” from Reputation. In fact, the last one created such an impact, that her fans weren’t able to shake off the image of the album having a celebrity shade. Instead, Reputation turned out to be an album of love songs.

So, it’s just not safe to conclude that the rest of the latest album will be as flashy and flamboyant as “Me!”. There’s also the line “I know that I went psycho on the phone”, that’s a hidden reference to her public image and she’s just having fun with it.

The YouTube record that the music video broke is not all. Vevo and Amazon have also added more feathers to Swift’s cap. Vevo has confirmed that “Me!” broke the same record of the highest number of views within a single day. Tay’s video went on to grab not one, but two records on Amazon – one for maximum first-day streams and another for the most on-demand voice requests with Alexa.

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