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Unless you are someone who stays consciously away from social media, you must have heard about the latest rage that is taking the internet by storm – mannequin challenge. From regular people to celebrities from across the globe, everyone’s bitten by the mannequin challenge bug. Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert de niro..they’ve all done it! So what is the mannequin challenge? For the uninitiated – Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is recorded.

How it started and why it is spreading is a topic that we can deal with another blog. In this blog, let me list out some crazy, entertaining mannequin challenge videos that I have come across. So here are the best videos of mannequin challenge across the web.

Bradley Martyn

Fitness star Bradley Martyn shares his viral mannequin challenge video featuring beautiful women in provocative positions.

Zach king

The king of Vine is back on YouTube with his Mannequin Challenge.


Single father of three who runs the YouTube channel All4TubeKids showed  us how to use scary killer clown in his Mannequin Challenge.

New England patriots

Professional American football team showed off this video on their Facebook page with their members of “Pats Nation” — including fans, broadcasters, reporters and cheerleaders — all came together to make their own version of the challenge.

NewYork Giants

After their big win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants accepted this challenge with this video.


The viral “mannequin challenge” took over 123 Sesame Street with all of our favorite Sesame Street characters and crew members put on straight faces and froze for a minute-and-a-half.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The team got a chance to score two mannequin challenges with First Lady Michelle Obama.

USA today Sports

The Pacific Women’s Water Polo Mannequin Challenge is pretty impressive


The last time we saw the control room freeze to this level was in Apollo 13 movie with Ed Harris.


He is the reason why Mannequin Challenge came into existence. Black Beatles in the city indeed.


Elen is first to catch all the trends in the world of internet. Here’s what she did for all the mannequins.


Cheerleading is an intense physical activity for sports team motivation. And when they performing a Co-ed double Cupie for the Mannequin Challenge, things gets crazy.

USsoccer – wnt

The United States women’s national soccer team showed they can even win Mannequin Challenge while drinks break.


The richest adventurer in the world can’t help to join the mannequin train.

Hillary Clinton’s Mannequin Challenge

Well, this is the only challenge that ended really bad.

With Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Robert DeNiro, Bill Gates , and the greatest coder ever “Margaret Hamilton,” among others; this is the most star-packed mannequin challenge ever attempted from the white house.

And the weirdest of all


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