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Historically, both marketers and publishers have been able to reap great results from branded content. This unique collaboration leads to the creation of an engaging dialogue with potential customers and eventually drives meaningful interactions which is much more effective than outright advertising.

A branded content campaign is deemed to be effective when the quality of content is high and the publisher’s high-quality user base has a genuine response to the campaign. Social media platforms like Facebook have stepped up to make branded content a part of their infrastructure so that brands can utilize and experiment with it.

In this blog, we will be discussing all facets of Facebook Branded Content which includes an outline of its policies, understanding of Branded Content Tool, ways to use it and a brief overview of the Branded Content Matching Tool. Brands will find this guide useful while making a decision towards investing in Branded Content on Facebook.

What is Branded Content?

When a piece of content that specifically features or is influenced by a business partner is posted by a creator or publisher for an exchange of value, then that content is referred to as Branded Content. For further clarity, here Creators are either celebrities, influencers or public figures while Publishers simply refer to media companies and entities. They together get involved with Business Partners such as brands, marketers, advertisers, and sponsors to create Branded Content.

What are the Branded Content Policies on Facebook?

According to Facebook, branded content is defined as any post – including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos and Live videos – from media companies, celebrities or other influencers that features a third party product, brand or sponsor. In order to make such content seamless on the platform, Facebook has laid out certain Branded Content Policies which needs to be complied with.

Branded content may only be posted by Facebook Pages and profiles with access to the branded content tool. All Instagram accounts can post Branded Content. Only they can use the branded content tool to tag the featured third-party product, brand, or business partner.

Facebook Pages and profiles and Instagram accounts must comply with the following branded content policies:

  • Don’t include pre, mid, or post-roll ads in videos or audio content.
  • Don’t include banner ads in videos or images.
  • Don’t include title cards within a video’s first three seconds. Interstitial ad cards outside of a video’s first three seconds, such as mid cards or end cards, must not persist for longer than three consecutive seconds and must not be included within Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories.
  • Show Pages must not include branded content in show marks or trailer videos.
  • Don’t use the branded content tool to tag a Page, brand or business partner without their prior consent.
  • For Facebook Pages and profiles, don’t accept anything of value to post content that you did not create or were not involved in the creation of, or that does not feature you.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including by ensuring that you provide all necessary disclosures to people using Facebook or Instagram, such as any disclosures needed to indicate the commercial nature of content posted by you.

What is Facebook Branded Content Tool?

The Branded Content Tool was first launched by Facebook in April 2016 when this tool was only available to a select number of brands and publishers. But today, this tool is extended to pretty much anyone who owns a Facebook Page.

What this Facebook Branded Content Tool basically does is it allows a page to clearly indicate that a post published is paid for and is part of a partnership between two entities. Here “paid” doesn’t necessarily only mean monetary compensation but it also includes compensations made by the partnering brand in any other way. It is imperative to disclose that to the audience, hence the tool has come into existence.

One important thing to note is that when a company or brand is tagged in a branded post, the partnering entity has just as much access to the analytics of the post as the creator of the post. They’ll have access to metrics like post reach, user demographics, locations and so forth. This allows them to evaluate the ROI that they are getting from this paid collaboration.

How to use the Facebook Branded Content Tool?

The very first step towards using the Facebook Branded Content Tool is to have access to it. You will need to request access to the tool here. When you get to the access page, it will ask you to select the Facebook Page from the drop-down menu for which you want the Branded Content Tool to be activated. Select the page, hit send and wait for its approval. Approval may take anything between a few hours to few days.

Your page will be notified when your access to the tool gets approved and now you are ready to create branded content on Facebook. Start typing out your branded content post as you normally would for any other post and now you will find an addition button below which says “Tag Sponsor”. It is denoted by a handshake icon. So click on that and now you can search for the partnering brand and tag them into the post. The tagging works the same way here as any other normal post with tags.

Once you’re satisfied with the post, go ahead and hit Publish/Schedule and your branded post will be live just like any other post. Branded Posts don’t have any restrictions as they can be boosted just like any other non-branded post. A “Paid” designation will be shown on branded posts which appears next to the timestamp. This is simply meant to provide a clear indication to users that this post was paid for in some way.

What is Facebook Branded Content Matching Tool?

The market is full of various influencer marketing platforms that enable brands and agencies to discover influencers as per their needs. Facebook wants to make the best of its online dominance to make a mark in the social media marketing space with its new tool called Branded Content Matching Tool. This still hasn’t officially rolled out and according to reports, Facebook is still testing it.

From what we can understand from the leaked screenshots of the tool is that the “Branded Content Matching” search engine allows advertisers to search for details on the audiences of creators – as well as their stats – to allow them to connect and work on campaigns together. The tool seems to be made up of three main components:

Creator Search: The feature appears to entail finding the right fit for an influencer with a brands target audience or marketing objectives. Results can be filtered based on age, education and more.

Suggested Creators: This feature seems to be suggesting creators that are similar to the one which was previously searched for or saved by a marketer.

Saved Lists: This feature will allow you to save lists of influencers as per preference and use them for future references.


So for this year and the next, the emerging format will be content that can be distributed in a seamless fashion with minimum back and forth between the publisher and the partnering brand. Publishers will now be able to create high quality branded content with ease and work on optimizing those that work successfully in this new Facebook ecosystem.

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