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Are you seeing fluffy pups, silly kittens, funny guinea pigs, and finches singing on your social media feeds quite frequently?

Well, that’s how the animal content publishers have transformed the internet space with weirdly delightful pet videos, blogs, tweets, and more. the dodo changing content land scape

The animal content creators were never bothered about how much people liked animals but focused on developing engaging posts. Internet is pet crazy, and netizens are loving each bit of this popularity our canine, and feline friends own.

It barely matters whether you log on to your accounts in the midnight hours or while taking a short break at work, finding a bunch of posing kittens or a happy calf on your feed is nothing surprising.  the dodo changing content land scape

Is this animal obsession among netizens an augmentation to the reality that people are fond of them? Or is it that social media has hyped animal popularity, which fueled our love for them?

How did‘The Dodo’ rule over digital platforms

The animal video publisher ‘The Dodo’ has made significant business utilizing content relevant to pets and wildlife. Their rescue stories, the reality of farms, exposing animal abuse scenarios have garnered a lot of views, shares, and engagements.

It has been tagged as

  • #1 most-loved publisher on Facebook
  • #1 U.S Facebook page in terms of engagement
  • #1 Media publisher on Facebook the dodo changing animal content space

‘The Dodo’ is not just ruling over the pets & animal industry online but also stands at the first rank in media & entertainment category.

It has around 2.1 billion video views per month across its social media channels. The publisher has over 24 million followers on Facebook, which brings in maximum engagement to the animal brand.

‘The Dodo’ has over 6.9 million followers on Instagram which contributes to the massive engagement the company gets online. Instagram is mostly seen on smartphones where vertical videos are the key elements, and, 75% of referrals received by the brand comes from mobile devices.

The animal and pet care content publisher gets an average of 20 million monthly page views that indicates their high credibility on internet.

Digital media trends change frequently. Many pet owners maintained profiles for their animal friends, which became a new fad that turned popular. the dodo changing the content landscape

Such trend patterns started growing, and with animal news publishers like LadBible, Buzzfeed, & ‘The Dodo’ people enjoyed content on pets.

The company has not revealed its real revenue data yet, but has informed that there have been many major partnerships in 2018. They have also reported having a 50% increase in brand partners, which includes companies beyond pet care categories.  the dodo changing content landscape

Automobile, insurance, and tech brands are some of the leading genres interested in partnering with ‘The Dodo.’ Samsung is already benefiting from its partnership with the brand in reaching newer markets with its Galaxy model launches. the dodo changing content space

The internet has always had a wide collections of animal content, but none ever claimed or owned the space. This made way for ‘The Dodo’. There are few reasons why they as creators managed to attract a great fan following over all digital platforms.

Reasons why ‘The Dodo’ is successful as content creators

1. They realized the unique opportunity available in the market

2.  They could find their potential target market through Proper research and analysis. The study provided information about digital platforms and its functioning to the team

3. They made efforts to understand their audience interests which helped in creating thoughtful stories and appealing content

4. The page was found in a time when no particular brand or company produced animal-centric content. Thus, making The Dodo lead the way.

5. Developing animal-based content at one central place on the internet was an unfulfilled requirement, a niche well noticed by these creators.

6. The founder Izzie Lerer, Ph.D. in animal studies started the page because of her interest and passion. Lerer, herself was the target audience (animal enthusiasts/lovers who searched animal stories/content online) for The Dodo.

7. The creators ensured that the content they made, gave good takeaways for their audience.

8. Engaging customers and giving importance to user-generated content helped the creators reach their audience at a personal level.

9. The publishers ensured consistency and maintained a systematic routine of posting videos.

10. Last but not least, they made heart-warming content which struck the strings of emotion in their audiences. ‘The Dodo’s content is intentional and full of engaging elements, unlike many others who visibly make content for bucks.

‘The Dodo’ is one of the quickly growing and most loved channel on YouTube. They are ruling the animal content space with most viewership and engagement rates.

Thanks to their writers and storytellers. They know how to put up real rescue, transformation and entertaining animal stories which might not be mainstream but would attract attention.

The Dodo – Right example of pet video content brand

They have not just carved out a popular niche for themselves but have changed the way people browsed the internet.

We all know the Grumpy cat memes, cuddly big dog videos, and silly bird posts that brightened our days. Well, they all started their journey to being famous memes, jokes, gifs etc at the brand’s video content. the dodo changing content landscape

They have been growing their reach and planning for expanding their online presence with fresh content.

Recently, ‘The Dodo’ entered kids zone with ‘Dodo Kids’ that aimed at kids below 11 years. The editors are making episodic posts that will also leverage existing animal content. the dodo changing content landscape

‘Dodo kids’ are focusing on creating new series that would appeal to the kids in a “fun, engaging, emotionally-compelling way,” says the brand.

The president of the animal-centric social media brand, ‘The Dodo’  YuJung Kim, spoke to AlleyWatch about their achievements and road map ahead in 2018 & 2019.

She was quoted saying-

We are going deeper into longer-form storytelling, through both linear programming (our first TV show, Dodo Heroes, is airing on Animal Planet in early 2018) and made-for-digital video series. We recently launched El Dodo, a dedicated Spanish-language channel on Facebook, and plan to further expand our non-English offering to our international audience. Finally, we are developing children’s programming — we are excited to reach the next generation of animal lovers! 

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