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The rise of YouTube, Facebook, and other leading video promotion social media platforms has been a boon for many brands to tap in a wider and varied audience and further increase the chances of getting more revenue. One such leading brand which has used video marketing to the best of its ability is The Enthusiast Network, a leading USA based brand which is the world’s premier network of enthusiast and Automobile brands. In this blog, we will try to have a deeper understanding of How The Enthusiast Network is leveraging Video Marketing to Grow its Business?

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy: Introduction to Video Landscape

Video Marketing has seen the maximum number of changes or additions since its inception. From Television to Digital Platform to AR/VR/360 Degree format to different versions based on different use of cameras the format has seen a sea of changes with much in work and many to come in future. The strategy of brands adopting video marketing has also undergone a lot of changes. Longer videos have been crisped to extremely shorter versions, direct product promotions have been outdated with branded and story-based content. However, in 2018, Video has not been only limited to ads but diversified into a detailed and informative way of sharing content thereby monetizing the viewership.

However content creators adopt a different strategy of capturing the audience through their video content, unlike brands which go for an aggressive and short video. Content creators or publishers like that of The Enthusiast Network indulge in detailed or longer videos to increase viewership and engagement through their videos.

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy: Shifting Gears in AUTOMOBILE Genre 

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy
Image Source: Motor Trend Channel        

The Enthusiast Network aka TEN in shorts, clocks over 3 Billion+ monthly views from 160 Million fans based globally across its video platform. At the moment, TEN network is the leading video content producer in the USA in Automobile genre.

The Enthusiast Network has built a loyal audience base through the years by sharing meaningful content and adding value to customer’s time.

“TEN is powered by passions and with passion, we only create original and meaningful content that always add values to customer thereby helping in increasing our video reach & engagement”

Audience of AUTOMOBILE genre is mostly interested in seeing full videos with full detailing about the vehicles in terms of performance, driving, comfort, and price. TEN addresses this gap by putting in extreme detailing in all its AUTOMOBILE segment videos which makes it an instant hit amongst the viewers. This approach also helps in attaining a better audience retention rate or higher average view duration/video.

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy: People at TEN Just Don’t Sit & Pray

The biggest myth video content creators believe is that, once the video is uploaded your JOB is done. But your actual struggle starts once the video is uploaded. This is what differentiates just content creators and successful content creators.

People at The Enthusiast Network don’t sit and pray once a video is uploaded in any of their digital social platform or on SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand). TEN team believes in making data-driven decisions and analyses all the available analytics to track the performance of the video after it is public.

The above approach helps TEN strengthen their USP of original content and a loyal audience base which in return helps in gaining better engagements for their videos. Fortunately, all the clients of TEN also believe in the same ideology of driving value to customers rather than just producing content and pushing it to an audience. A pull strategy in online video promotion is always fruitful in the long run.

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy: LIVE Streaming & SVOD

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy
Image Source: Motor Trend Channel

One way where TEN has set an example for other online platform based video creators is in the segment of LIVE streaming of videos in social platforms. When it comes to Videos, its strict business and nothing else or nothing more for team The Enthusiast Network. Justifying their professional attitude, team TEN doesn’t involve itself in any form of casual Live streaming through any of its social channels to get an instant boost in organic reach, rather focuses on engaging with its audience in every video post uploaded natively.

TEN only unleashes it during any events or live shows where there is a huge gathering of audience or influencers. According to industry experts, engagements for an online video is at the highest when there is a large audience size in the frame. This helps as the audience in a frame is a sure shot engagement for this LIVE streaming and more the engagement more the reach + increased chances of gaining new followers/subscribers. This ensures all the hard work that is put in by the team to ensure an un-interrupted Live Streaming doesn’t go in vain with fewer engagements + the streamed videos can be uploaded as slices based on different categories for further viewing. This ensures the cost of a new content+ LIVE Streaming + Social engagement all is covered at once rather than multiple spendings.

SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) – The Enthusiast Network has the biggest advantage of owning a large amount of video content across digital platforms in Automobile genre. This empowered them to diversify their revenue sources and venture into Subscription Video on Demand a type of OTT platform-based service. The best part of OTT is that it gives the audience the liberty to see the video content at their own pace, time and place based on their comfort. This also adds up as a good source of recurring revenue once viewers find content enticing and the rate of returning subscribers increases.

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy: Creating Experiences & New Video Technology

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy
Image Source: Motor Trend Channel

The Video Ads creation strategy has come up ages from interruption to experiences. Interruption approach was when there was an interruption between the viewing experience of an audience with an ad break slot but the experience is creating an amazing video through branded content or through a collaboration with brands to create a storyline and share LIVE experience to the viewers. This has been the latest strategy used by more brands as it ensures better video engagements and higher viewership. TEN also believes in creating experiences rather than interruptions for their viewers. Fortunately, all clients of the Automobile Magazine Company also have thoughts in the same line.

Enough of video strategy let’s move on to technology. As highlighted in the introduction, video has seen the maximum number of changes since its inception than any other marketing communication medium or content form. It has seen a transition from reels to digital from a normal mode to wide angle and fisheye mode from 180 Degree to 360 Degree from 2D to 3D from VGA to HD to 4K resolution and with AR & VR, video experience has become more of experiencing reality rather than just a viewing experience.

Brands have also made the best use of this changes & updates in the video form. From sharing 360 degree video experience to 3D videos, companies are now creating a real life experience for their audience through Videos. TEN is not far behind in adopting the new technologies. It has already started investing in new technology spaces and very soon the videos from The Enthusiast Network would have the latest updates in it.

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy: Key Takeaways

  • Branded content videos would be the next new age Advertising strategy used by a maximum number of brands globally.
  • Put detailing in videos to create values for your customers rather than just any other stuff. Values or relevant information will lead to more organic engagements.
  • Stay updated with current changes and accordingly adapt to market demands.
  • Make use of all available data or 3rd party tools to track the performance of your video marketing campaigns. Ensure Brand safety of your online videos in Digital medium or ensure your videos are not getting listed next to irrelevant or negative content.

The Enthusiast Network Video Marketing Strategy

  • Diversify revenue generation sources by sharing video content in various platforms and modes supporting motion pictures.
  • Do not ignore LIVE Streaming as this is the ultimate weapon to gain organic reach and real time engagements.

Dhuk Dhuk Dhuk Dhuk…..! The Enthusiast Network Way.

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