YouTube MarketingDwayne “The Rock” Johnson Just Launched His Own YouTube Channel

Can you smell what the rock is cooking? Smell it. It’s his YouTube Channel.

After being named 2015’s Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood by Forbes last week, The Rock just released his first video on his brand new YouTube channel to win the hearts of digital youth.

A while ago, we saw the news and teaser of his channel on his Instagram, but it’s only now that we’re getting a good peek at his first official YouTube video. Variety reports that the online venture comes from a partnership between Johnson’s 7 Bucks Productions, which he runs with ex-wife Dany Garcia, and Studio 71.

Capitalizing on his 100-million-follower-strong social media presence, The Rock is now tackling the strange world of Youtube where young people like watching Swedish gamers scream and swear.

This move is great for both; YouTube- after branching out into more professional content, it’s tying up with Hollywood celebrities. And The Rock- who gets to connect with more fans who’d love to watch what the digital rock cooks.

“Who knew that there was so much fresh, innovative, non-pornographic material online? It’s crazy.”

In the video below called “The YouTube Factory,” The Rock takes a trip to a secret YouTube content production lair beneath an island volcano. Guided by YouTuber Lilly Singh AKA IISuperwomanII, they check in on a number of production rooms including where cat videos are made, a Rock impersonator room, and a beauty video room. Other big YouTube stars like Gigi Gorgeous, Grace Helbig, Roman and Brittney Atwood, Alex Wassabi and more, also made cameos in the video.

“Dude, you just created what could potentially be the biggest channel on YouTube,” Lilly tells him.

The quotes aren’t enough, just watch the video. You’ll know what the rock is cooking. If you’re hungry for more stuff from the rock’s kitchen, he also learnt How to Become a YouTube Star on Superwoman’s channel.


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