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Danish Wadhwa4 years ago

A ReelSEO survey incorporated feedback from over 600 marketing respondents states that:

93% of marketers use videos as part of their marketing campaign
84% of them use videos for website marketing
60% of them use videos for email marketing
70% of them optimize videos for SEO
70% of them have raised their budgets to invest more in explainer videos
82% of them have experienced high traffic after adding videos to their marketing campaigns.

These statistics reveal that videos play a major role in distributing brand’s message. Why marketers prefer videos because they add an extra layer of legitimacy to your brand, which prompts viewers to take actions. Doesn’t matter how deep your story is, how vast your services are, and how many products you offer, explainer videos are compelling enough to deliver your message and drive in engagement.

Usually, organizations are able to attract their prospects with a simple video, but they are not able to retain them as they forget to walk through their protocols and policies, which result in overspending on a lackluster video. Nothing but losing the sight of what is best for the company!

You need to understand that a video should lead to call to actions while connecting your prospects to your brand.


Depending on the field of your interest you deal in, you can decide the type of video which represent your business well. For example,

Brand Films

 If you want to make your valuable audience understand your values and vision, then brand films are the best to go for.

Animations Videos

 The purpose of these videos is to explain every dimension of your brand rationally. Think vines and brief YouTube videos. Short, quirky and funny videos that lead to engagement.

Video Documentaries

 A new but catchy way gaining popularity nowadays is documentary. Just like educational videos, these guide your audience about the core of your brand.

Explainer/Tutorial Videos

 These videos are in trend and companies from startups to SMBs use them to show a customer how to do something.

So using the formula Video marketing + Content marketing = Digital Marketing can help you make the most of your marketing campaigns.

Recently, Attivio, a company that sells enterprise search and unified information access solutions, claims to receive about 200% to 300% monthly unique visitors with longer span time. The reason behind a high number of visitors is the use of explainer videos which nurture their leads, attract visitors and turn them into customers.

The company has used videos as part of their marketing agenda to develop their brand proposition. Though access to videos is easy through any digital marketing agency, making a viewer oriented video is not as easy as pie. You need to consider your audience, end-goals, competition, analytics, etc. to decide in which stage your buyer personas are and how you can solve their pain points.

Just like Attivio, any organization can raise the graph of visitors by harnessing the power of potential videos.

So what do you need to take care of while making a video exclusively for your prospects?

Let’s discuss the fundamentals of explainer videos to receive near to or 300% unique visitors per month.

Create more than one type of video

According to a Diode Digital report, video promotion is 600% more effective as compared to print and direct mail. It also states that  60% of site visitors will watch a video if available before reading any text.

Don’t stick to one type of video. A dynamic marketing approach includes different types of marketing videos which cater your different goals. Out-ward facing videos, for example, can be used in resources page of the company’s website to attract, engage and nurture leads. Examples include:

Product demos, Customer testimonials, Introductory explanations, Detailed explanations and interviews, etc.

At the top of the conversion funnel, entry-level demos and explanations work far better to engage prospects. Include a video on a landing page that is search engine optimized with a sidebar form to request a free consultation.

Utilize online video creation tools

Content creation and sharing have undergone a big transformation through automation and software. WordPress, for example, has combined the process of creating a website and a blog. Organizations are implementing similar concepts to video platforms. In a bid to connect the brand to the target audience, the use of video creation tools have gone up.

Mysimpleshow is one such tool with a drag and drop interface. You can make whiteboard and explainer videos in minutes. A sense of relief you will get when you are able to make a video without any technical expertise and web designers. Moreover, you don’t need any vocal talent to record narration. You can customize any feature as services are offered within the in-browser solutions.

Whiteboard and explainer videos have become the standout options for increasing conversions and to bring personal and commercial stories to life. According toFunnelScience, landing pages with video lead to 800% more conversion.

Start a YouTube channel

 YouTube is a Google-owned platform YouTube and is the largest video search engine in the world.  Many people don’t make a channel as there are many other channels on YouTube. No matter what sector you work in and who your target audience is, you should start using this platform and let your videos speak out your message. Your target audience will find you and subscribe your channel for future updates. In this way, you can get a large chunk of the audience.

As Google owns YouTube, your website is likely to receive a ton of traffic. Apart from attracting your prospects, your videos will get exposure to your videos and may get shared on other platforms.

Final words:

If you expect high traffic, you need to go beyond expectations, providing unique solutions that could set you apart from your competitors. You can use videos in different ways, but placing them on a landing page gives an additional advantage. Your approach should be helpful rather than promotional otherwise your audience will fly away if you harp only on your products and services.


Danish Wadhwa

The Growth Hacker is Digital Marketing & Branding Pro, who is helping startup and business for sales conversion optimization.

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