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Umesh Kumar3 years ago

Social media has taken the world by storm these days, and it is happening for all the right reasons. 

Its vast reach, coupled with an engaging user interface, compel businesses to make new website and harness the power of video marketing using social media. 

Video Marketing for Social Media

This is why we see a ton of lucrative ads as soon as we log into our social media accounts. It is a classic example of social media marketing, and it is not bound to long posts and boring pictures anymore. 

Video marketing has entered the scene, and it is doing wonders for various businesses. 

The main reason behind the increasing popularity of video marketing is its up close and personal approach, which tempts the audience to know more about the product or service. 

The best part is that you can get started with a video marketing campaign using this quick but useful guide.

1. Plan your video

Right after you conceive the idea of video marketing, you must start planning your video. 

Remember that the smallest of the details matter, but the core of the video should be taken care of first. 

Here are a few questions that might help you get the answers you need to get started with video marketing. 

  • What is the Call To Action for my video?
  • What is the type of audience that I want to target?
  • What is the vibe that I want my video to have?
  • Where and when am I going to share my video? 

As a content creator or a business owner, the questions mentioned above might be of great help to you as they put things in perspective. For example, determining the CTA or Call To Action should be your first step towards making a video that is going for marketing. 

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2. Choose a video type

Depending on the type of product or service that you are going to be marketing, you can choose a type of video that you find suitable. 

While at it, your options are:

  • Video advertisement
  • Video blog
  • Live session
  • Video review 
  • Explainer
  • Demonstration
  • Presentation
  • Interview 

The type of video that you choose also depends significantly on the budget and how much you know about video marketing. You can even get professional help. 

Various companies offer to help you in video marketing, for a fee, of course. From the structuring of your video to finally sharing it, they can turn out to be of great help. 

So, if you have just entered the world of video marketing, don’t shy away from getting professional advice if and when needed. 

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3. Keep the buyer engaged

You will understand this point better when you realize the purpose of the product or the service that you are going to be marketing in your video. 

It is all about keeping the audience engaged. Remember that your audience is a potential buyer. 

So, it will be better to be involved with them throughout the entire process of buying. 

Here are four steps describing the journey of your audience, turning into your buyers. 

  • Gaining awareness – This is when you are introducing your audience to the product or service for the first time. So, it would be only wise to keep the video short and fun or motivational. You can choose a feeling that matches your product or service better. Also, adding a landing page for the product or service with the video description will be a good idea. 
  • Keeping into consideration – Now that you have sown the seeds of awareness about your product or service, it is time to strengthen that thought. If your audience knows about what you are selling, or must also know about a few alternatives. However, you don’t want that. So, you expand your video marketing to include testimonials and demonstrations. 
  • Making a decision – Your video marketing routine has been pretty much successful so far if you are at this step. Your audience is inclined towards your product or service, and it is very close to deciding to buy it. It is the perfect time to teach them how to use, store, return, or exchange the product or service if needed. 
  • Re-engaging the audience – Video marketing has a very personal appeal, which is why it has a more profound impact on people. As a video marketer, you want to retain that. You don’t want your audience to buy one product from you and then leave. You want them to become a returning customer to your business or your client’s business. So, you must continue with your video marketing, asking your audience to share feedback about the product or service. 







4. Pay attention to the last stage 

The last stage is sharing the video. You can do it on any social media platform or create a new website for the product or service. 

Just don’t forget to keep the caption and description of the video engaging. Try to add relevant phrases in the title.

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