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Tiktok launched its Pro accounts last year and they come along with a dashboard full of analytics, insights, data and research results. These valuable elements in the video-sharing social networking platform can help creators perform better with their content for greater reach.

Analytics is the key to smarter social media marketing moves that would improve engagement rates and expand audience base. Tiktok Pro account is now available for free and anyone can switch their profile with few simple steps.

How to upgrade to Tiktok Pro?

The Tiktok analytics account also known as the Tiktok Pro enables creators to access details regarding what content goes well with particular group of audiences. It provides data and analytics from 7 to 28 days where users can see their video views, trending videos, and growth of followers.

Tiktok analytics

If you want to set up your content with the Tiktok Pro features, then do follow the steps here:

  1. Log in to your normal Tiktok account
  2. Go to the profile page
  3. Select the Privacy and settings option
  4. Click on “Manage my Account”
  5. Select the “Switch to Pro Account”

The account will be upgraded to the Pro version where you will have access to the advanced Tiktok analytics options and tools that would assist you in creating trending videos.

Tiktok Pro analytics basically gathers information and data after a week of launch of the profile with content uploads. Users must create and release more content right after the profile upgrade so that more genuine information is gathered and analysed.

The Tiktok analytics dashboard is divided in to three basic categories that one can toggle between to get the required analysis. They are:

  1. Profile Overview
  2. Content Insights
  3. Follower Insights

Tiktok analytics

By hovering over the specific tab, users can access the data of that particular segment and prepare content accordingly.

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Tiktok analytics for marketers and brands

The social media platform tracks your followers, reads the engagement patterns, and analyses the overall profile performance. You can use these insights to filter out the necessary information and design content according to the same.

Tiktok analytics and studies can help you recognise your right customers and major sources of engagement for better strategizing in future works. Each of the tabs on the analytics dashboard has special function that ensures a much progressive and beneficial.

Functioning of profile overview

As the title of the tab suggests, the analytics is related to the overall functioning of the profile. It includes video view, total profile views and follower count on the profile. The tab provides essential information like total profile visits separated by each day that will help creators understand which type of content works with the audiences and drives the traffic to the page.

Profile overview also defines and provides a clear picture about what type of content is well perceived by the audience, when they engage in your content, and if you are creating the most preferred content for the viewers.

The tab also gives a detail about how many times the profile was viewed and which specific post got more views and traffic to the page.

Tiktok analytics

You can use the data available in this category to segregate how many viewers you received in a specific period on the videos. Later the same can be further categorised into how many actually visited the profile. You can then determine who followed and engaged with your content after that. Funnelling out the numbers will let you know the right conversion rate from the total video views.

Associated content insights and data

It is one amazing tab with maximum data regarding video posts. The tab when tapped, shows the posted videos from the latest to the old ones. It comes along with the total views received on the video.

Best part about the content insights tab on Tiktok analytics is that it also displays which of your videos are trending on the “for you” list in the specified time period.

The analytics is very much detailed and particular. If you click on the video thumbnails, then you can get particular information regarding the same video. The insights will consist of:

  1. Overall play time of videos
  2. Like counts on the video
  3. Total number of comments
  4. Total shares on the video
  5. Average video watch time
  6. Traffic source types
  7. Total video views
  8. Audience territories

The audience territory insights help understand if the content created goes down well with different audience demography. By comparing the territory engagement for individual posts with the overall audience territory from the follower tab. You can determine whether the content resonates with the new audience or not and design content accordingly.

Tiktok analytics follower insights

The follower tab shows the audience demography through graphs and presentations. The audiences are segregated based on their gender and location which will help you understand where they belong to and thus, understand the widely accepted ideas & cultures of that specific location.

Tiktok analytics

You can design content accordingly in order to impress maximum of your followers which in turn would increase your engagement rates while expanding reach.

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