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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

TikTok, with its short and crisp content, has gained a lot of traction in the marketing sector. Brands from all industries are using the platform to enhance their presence. TikTok for branded content is gaining popularity among the advertising sector and brands are making collaborations with the TikTok creators to target the niche they want and making the placement more authentic.

Using our analytics to track TikTok for branded content, we have mapped TikTok content and creators with the associated brand to establish a pattern between the same. Out of thousands of account, we have tracked & listed a few of the established pattern here in this piece to help you in your pursuits of perfect Influencer Marketing Campaign.

How brands are using TikTok for branded content?

It has been found that apps like Gaana, Tinder, Loco, Niki, and Wysh have created content in collaboration with Arishfa Khan, Awez Darbar, Aashna Hegde, Garima Chaurasia, Rugees, Sunny Kalra, Mrunal Panchal, Ahsaas Channa, and others to create brand awareness and to amplify their reach. They have, so far, been successful in their pursuit as the content these creators have produced bagged more than 1.1 million hearts on the platform.

It is also interesting to know about FMCG brands like Colgate and Vicco who are able to win 2.3 million hearts due to the content created by TikTok stars like Mrunal Panchal, Nagma Mirajkar, Awez Darbar and R.I.P.

Colgate Max fresh Ad on TikTok

Lifestyle brands like Myntra and Brand Factory have been found running their Influencers campaign like #EndOfReasonSale with the help of TikTok celebrities like Disha Madan and Nita Shilimkar.

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Smartphone brands are also utilizing the TikTok platform to propagate their offerings. High profile Chinese multinational brands like Huawei and Vivo have already partnered with Jannat Zubair, Kangna Sharma and Najeem Khan to generate more than 6 lakh likes on the platform. It is not just about pre-established brands, even new launches in Indian Market like Infinix Smartphone is happening in collaboration with TikTok creators like Siddharth Nigam, Radhika Bangia, Bhavin, Najeem, Akash among others to collect more than 1.5 million hearts on TikTok.

Infinix Ad on TikTok

Apart from smartphone and app brands, OTT platforms like Hotstar and ZEE5 are also making a move towards the market via TikTok. They are creating content to promote their new web-series with the help of creators like Unnati Malharkar, Ahsaas Channa, and others. The content they have created is gaining traction on the platform and so far has bagged more than half a million likes.

So to answer, How brands are using TikTok for branded content through UGC collaborations, the above snippets of data states a clear trend that all kinds of products are getting promoted on TikTok with the help of collaborations. Be it product launch of earplugs, poker app or promotion of IPL team, TikTok has a market for every kind of marketing needs, and that has been well established by the data we tracked. From small scale players to FMCG giants, all are using this short video platform to create more buzz for their ongoing campaigns in 2019, and this establishes that whatever your marketing budget is, the platform has got something for you.

TikTok Influencers Report

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