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Short video sharing app TikTok crossed 1 Billion worldwide installs on the app store and google play. This set a bench mark for non-game video applications. The popular app is expanding in terms of installs thus becoming a lead among the short video non-game applications. TikTok 'you are in control' video series

The company now focuses on online safety of its users therefore developing advanced privacy setting, security and safety policies. TikTok ‘you are in control’ video series targets all users on app and educates them on online security.

TikTok ‘you are in control’ video series is created to spread information to the 1 Billion users on the platform through creative video rather than FAQ’s & help pages. 

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Apart from developing user-friendly interface the application ensures modernizing the Dialogues on online safety. They adopted some exceptionally interesting ways to ensure that their young users are safe on TikTok. The videos on online safety utilize famous personalities on their app, viral memes, advanced technology to engage viewers.

The TikTok ‘you are in control’ video series are entertaining and informative. They are capable of grabbing the attention of the right app users.

These videos will explain privacy controls, dealing & controlling direct messages, community guidelines, account settings, control over comments section and process of in-app reporting. TikTok 'you are in control' video series

TikTok aims at developing a positive community around the app and ensure that all users have access to misuse/abuse/crime prevention & control tools. Short form videos on these topics would make it easier for users to grasp & stay alert.

The TikTok ‘you are in control’ video series emphasizes on seven major topics:

1. Community guideline: The initial video of the series was based on highlighting the privacy policies, guidelines on the app. These rules are to ensure trust, respect and positivity on the short video sharing application.

2. Privatizing account: This video in the series tells users about how they can keep their account private. It would allow only followers on page to see the content one creates and shares.

3. Controlling comments: Through a noisy diner video, TikTok tells its users the way to filter out the comments that are not needed by using comment control tools on app. TikTok 'you are in control' video series

4. Message control: The video focuses on spreading information about the tool that can help users restrict and even disable in-app messaging.

5. Setting screen time limits: To make sure that users are not overusing social media, TikTok explains in the ‘you are in control’ video series about setting time limits to screen. TikTok 'you are in control' video series

6. Enabling Restricted view: the video demonstrates tools and techniques which would allow users to enable a feed suiting their preferences & interests.

7. Supporting the community: This topic is about building a friendly, positive community around users. It demonstrates how one app user can utilize in-app reporting steps to reach out to an upset friend.

At TikTok, people believe that you are at your most authentic self when you are safe and have controls over your social media accounts. TikTok 'you are in control' video series

The TikTok ‘you are in control’ video series empowers users with required knowledge on platform in an entertaining way.

All these video series can be seen at @tiktoktips and more content would be added gradually as they continue supporting positive global TikTok community.

Go check the TikTok ‘you are in control’ video series before streaming your creations online. Enjoy the enhanced app experience while staying safe on the site.

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