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Sidharth Jena1 year ago

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage & Especially..just be yourself! Social Media is a community effort, Everyone is an Asset” – Susan Cooper

Rightly said by Susan Cooper, social media is a community effort where everyone is an asset. Today with us, we have an exciting ground to earth travel blogger, entrepreneur and vlogger who has close to 114 K+ followers on Instagram (wanderwithsky) or as we say assets and is amongst the leading travel bloggers of India. He is leading a life which most you dream of, the more he travels more he earns and more famous he becomes, please welcome travelpreneur Aakash Malhotra aka wander with sky in an exclusive one to one interview with Vidooly presents Creator Diaries, S1 Ep 1.

“Founder and CEO of Digato Private Limited, Sky has travelled 36 Countries as of May 2019”

Q: 36 Countries so far but which has been your favourite destination till date?

Indian Travel Bloggers

Aakash: Iceland for sure. 10 days down in Iceland and I still didn’t see The Northern Lights. On last day, I drove 200 KMs from Reykjavík just for the Northern Lights and finally saw the dance of the Aurora. Just for information I had to catch my flight the same day and drove 200 KMs back and finally managed to catch my flight back.

Q: Apart from Travelling, what is that Aakash Does?

Aakash: Sky and Aakash are both different individuals, while Aakash is an entrepreneur running a successful business in marketing & consultancy, the company is based out of pan India and we are soon moving to Singapore but Sky is a standalone guy who is travelling the world, being happy, pursuing his dream and trying to inspire others specially the youth of the country that it’s not that tough to go out there, travel and live your dreams.

“We are encoded and told that 9-5, 9-5, 9-5 Die, this is something I want to change and inspire people to travel”

Q: Why Instagram and not YouTube?

Indian Travel Bloggers

Aakash: I support Instagram because I am a photographer first and I am still learning many skills of photography. Also Instagram is easy its UI is easy, content is instant and its more engaging as a community than other social media options. I have also started doing YouTube now but focus has always been on Instagram.

Q: How necessary do you think paid marketing is?

Aakash: It’s very important to understand you are building a brand. You as an Instagrammer or YouTuber are a brand and you have to invest on yourself through paid marketing. Today you invest on you and tomorrow it would give return through you because you are a product so paid marketing is definitely a yes and its important.

Q: How Important do you think Data Analytics and Insights are for creating a strategic growth plan?

Aakash: I think without that there is no growth. I think it’s the biggest mistake creators make when they say “Content is King bro I will post and get 6000 likes” digital doesn’t work like that. Best time to post is one of the most important metrics to drive more engagements. I can prove this, go and check out my latest posts which as a test mode I tried posting around various timings other than the best time as suggested by Instagram. I went down from 16K engagements to 8K engagements. So for me, my Instagram works when I post between 4-6 PM. Data first approach helps you to drive the right decisions for your content.

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