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An online community or also called an internet community is a virtual community whose members interact with each other primarily via the Internet. An online community can act as an information system where members can post, comment on discussions, give advice or collaborate. With the boom of the digital era, social media platforms have become the ultimate hub for digital communities to thrive and cultivate. Facebook is the greatest example of that.

Here in this blog, we have identified the top 10 community pages on Facebook in India (based on the ‘Total Likes’) which pertain to diverse topics that interest the Indian audience.

Laughing Colours

Laughing Colours is an Indian agency that deals in talent and celebrity management of artists from all walks of life. For their digital presence, instead of just showcasing themselves as an agency – they have created online communities across social media platforms. With a huge fan base of 29.9 million people, it stands on the first spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India.

Their Facebook page is an extension of their website which features content in the categories of entertainment, comedy, news and trending topics. Apart from these blog links, a major share of posts are original memes created by Laughing Colours that drive maximum engagement for the page. Their video content is well segregated into playlists which cater to diverse series content.


Filmydrama is an online community that shares latest news updates, Bollywood party photos and more. With more than 13.8 million followers, Filmydrama stands on the second spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India. On their page, you will find latest updates from the world of Bollywood, entertainment and anything else that is currently trending on social media.

Some of their posts are blog links from their other portals like Bollywood Papa. A major share of their content is all sorts of celebrities being captured at various places like parties, events, airports, etc. Their video content also reflects the frenzy around Bollywood and it’s celebrities.

Ayurveda by Curejoy

Curejoy is a platform to seek most genuine and reliable information on alternative and natural healthcare from the experts in the field. While there is a growing awareness globally about the benefits of the natural and holistic approach, it is often supplemented by various doubts and misconceptions, driven by marketing messages and hearsay that we are generally exposed to.

With their digital platforms, Curejoy aims to enable one to connect with an expert in the concerned area of medicine and seek an honest and reliable advice on their problems. It stands on the third spot of top community pages on Facebook in India with more than 9.8 million followers. On their page, you will find expert advice on health, fitness, and beauty. It is a platform to reach out to experts in Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and other alternative disciplines.

FilmyMantra is considered as one of the most credible Bollywood Online News Portal. Since its inception, it has been catering to all the viewers, distributors, producers, exhibitors, actors, music companies as a one-stop platform for all the happenings in the Bollywood Fraternity. With more than 9 million followers, it stands on the fourth spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, they showcase various kinds of content such as news, gossip, Bollywood, Hollywood, and more. Anything that is currently trending on social media is creatively covered by the usage of memes both in the form of images and videos.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog (IMBB) started in 2009 as just a makeup blog and has today grown into an international makeup, beauty and fashion community. Their blogs gain reach and momentum across the internet via their promotions on Facebook. With more than 7.8 million followers, it stands on the fifth spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India.

Considering the massive amount of content creation on a daily basis on their blog, their Facebook feed has very frequent blog posts on it. The tips range from fashion, style, beauty, makeup, and lifestyle. Their video content showcases some tutorials, new makeup collections, and giveaway contests.

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is a very popular Indian TV Reality Show airing on Colors TV Channel that showcases celebrity contestants performing tasks and winning their right to stay in the Bigg Boss house. Considering its massive popularity across the country, their social media pages have acquired huge fan bases.

Over the course of eleven seasons, Bigg Boss has garnered more than 7.3 million followers making it stand on the sixth spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India. Their posts range from show updates to entertainment bytes. When this show is off air, they post content regarding the other currently airing shows on their channel network.

Hebbar’s Kitchen

Hebbar’s Kitchen is an online platform that is all about Indian vegetarian recipes. It gives the digital audience a chance to learn interesting recipes via short videos and step by step photos on their blogs. With more than 7.1 million followers, it stands on the seventh spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, you will find a wide variety of India veg recipes shared in the form of blog links, images, and videos. Their video content is optimized for the social media audience considering its square format and crisp procedures. Be it starters, main course or desserts, Hebbar’s Kitchen has got you covered when it comes to Indian veg dishes.

Bollywood Bubble

Bollywood Bubble is a one-stop destination for all the hip and happening things going on in Bollywood. With more than 7 million followers, it stands on the eight spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India. Their page features a variety of content, from the hottest of gossips to the latest news, events, and releases.

They engage their audience with crispy content and make sure that no important updates are missed by them. Bollywood Bubble aims at not just reaching out to the hardcore fans of Bollywood, but also catering to those who take the cinema business seriously. They create videos in different series and have kept the videos tab well segregated with playlists.


Behindwoods is an online platform that aims to inform, entertain and inspire with their content. They generate error-free, fast, creative and exclusively original content round the clock. With more than 4.5 million followers, it stands on the ninth spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India.

Considering the massive churn out of blog posts on their website, simultaneous promotions are being held on their Facebook page. In order to hop on a current trending topic, they create memes that drive massive engagement for the page.

The Lallantop

The Lallantop is a new age Hindi news portal that makes selected news throughout the day with their 360-degree coverage of fully analyzed reports. Their social media platforms act as an extension on the website where all their new content is promoted to a wider audience. With more than 3.2 million followers, it stands on the tenth spot of the top community pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, you will find news coverage being shared from their website under the various categories of latest news, top news, viral content, long-form reports, quirky content and much more. Their news update videos are well segregated into different categories for easier navigation.

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