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Rahul Batra RB2 years ago

Golf is one such sport which you can watch non-stop without changing the channel even when the golf commercials come on. By raking in big names to catch eyeballs, every now and then, brands and ad-agencies come up with something humorous and hilarious to hawk their products that we can’t afford to miss out.

Golfing advertisements are insanely funny sometimes which you would never like to miss. So here are the top 10 funny commercials of 2018.

Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Formula

If a golfer’s itchy skin becomes a distraction on the golf course, he uses Cortizone 10 – an Intensive Healing Formula to get relief. Unfortunately, being itch-free doesn’t make him a good golfer. App’s ‘Hiking’ Commercial

When a dad gets stuck up a tree by an attacking bear, he admits that he wanted to go golfing that day, but the fam wanted to go hiking. Although his wife suggests punching the bear in the nose to get down, the man knows that won’t work. Instead, he warns you not make the same mistake he did and encourages you to book a tee time with the app. Unfortunately for him, when his wife tries to create a distraction, she accidentally lets loose a swarm of bees.

Grant Thornton Jargon Caddie

In this commercial, Steve Olson, the Jargon Caddie, and Rickie Fowler, a straightforward and understandable golfer unlike the caddie try to break the status quo by advertising for Grand Thornton which believes in giving the solutions that make sense.

Grandpa Jamie Hits 400yd Drives

In this commercial, Jamie Sadlowski – disguised as an 80-year Grandpa Jamie –  hits the range and shows these country club members how it’s done. Hidden cameras capture hilarious hijinks as Grandpa Jamie gives swing lessons, pesters patrons, and uses his Launcher HB Driver to out-drive everyone on the course!

GEICO- ‘Golfing in the Carolinas’

The GEICO gecko loves mini-golfing, but he adds that whether you golf or not, switching to GEICO can help you save money for car insurance. When he takes his shot, his ball is sent ricocheting off trees, windmills, and various animal statues before landing in the mouth of a yellow alligator.

Citi: Justin Thomas – Through My Father’s Eyes: 30

In this commercial, Citibank takes the nostalgic route at the moments of progress and joy in the life and career of Golfer Justin Thomas through his father Mike’s eyes.

The Awkward Reporter Prank – European Tour

Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Henrik Stenson, and other top European Tour players get pranked by the most awkward interviewer in history.

Trash Talk Golf’s FUNNRAISER!

In this hilarious ‘funnraiser’ commercial, Trash Talk Golf shouts out to all the golfers for a day of relaxed golfing to raise money to expand the horizons of golf.

Laying Up- Jordan Spieth | It Can Wait | AT&T

 Even if you have done it before, the risk isn’t worth it. There is too much on the line. On the road, you always lay-up. AT&T reminds you please don’t drive distracted.

You’re Back There – Tiger Woods

As the cameraman asks Tiger Woods whether he is playing with Pro V1, Tiger directs him to point that Bridgestone Golf balls cover more. So is it the right ball for your game? Tiger Woods thinks so!

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