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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Did you know that 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews?

YouTubers like Casey Naistat, UN-boxTherapy, and other similar vloggers create drone videos, either as part of the filming process or do a comprehensive review about the product. DJI – a trendsetter in the word of drones invited these top tech Youtubers to a conference showcasing their new Mavic Pro. Thus, working with YouTubers gives them a reach of more than million probable customers without even advertising it.

YouTube is a place where people share vlogs, original music, experiments, reviews, weird phenomena, discuss conspiracy theories, influence voters, and REVIEWS. Out of all the channels you can start, a tech channel is probably one of the hardest. You will either need funds or gear if you want to start reviewing and unboxing stuff.

So, here are the YouTubers who are going to become ever more important to the way the world chooses what to buy next.

Viewership – 988,093,397
Subscribers – 6,631,823

The YouTube channel has content like interesting lists, incredible deals, fun tests, and the aptly titled Does It Suck? Series. While Lew, the guy behind Unbox Therapy did not create the category of unboxing, he clearly turned it into an art form and elevated it. He is the most subscribed and viewed Unboxing/Review YouTube channel at present.

Viewership – 814,337,261
Subscribers – 3,243,146

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is best known for creating and hosting three technology-oriented YouTube channels Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie and Channel Super Fun. He is also 4th in a list of the “Top 30 Power Players in Tech”.

Viewership – 603,576,011
Subscribers – 2,719,308

This channel provides Phone unboxings, iPad, iPod Reviews, Drop Tests, Comparisons, Jailbreaks, Tweaks, Tutorials among his 989 videos. The Average watch time of EverythingApplePro is 03:00 and has generated more than 6 million likes.

Viewership – 582,746,526
Subscribers – 1,261,549

CNET is the leader of online tech reviewing websites famous for their unbiased reviews, videos, podcasts, software downloads, and How-Tos.

MarquesBrownlee MarquesBrownlee
Viewership – 512,765,830
Subscribers – 3,956,255

MKBHD is a one-man tech video production powerhouse. Former Senior Vice President, Social for Google, Vic Gundotra, called Brownlee “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now”. In last 60 days, he generated more than 1 million views alone.

Viewership – 494,223,333
Subscribers – 1,318,522

Pocketnow is one of the oldest publications devoted exclusively to mobile technology publish reviews of basically EVERY smartphone in existence to date .

Viewership – 472,457,470
Subscribers – 2,350,433

Expect a mixture of all the channels above in here with videos of comparisons, reviews, Top 25’s, tips and tricks.

Viewership – 415,816,748
Subscribers – 1,317,686

Their video clarifies your doubts regarding technology-related issues and topics from everyday uses of gadgets. Jon4lakers talk about technology related, Hands-Ons, unboxings, and tech reviews for TechnoBuffalo

Viewership – 311,282,340
Subscribers – 1,272,965

Headed by Nilay Patel, this YouTube channel publishes videos that include interviews (with industry leaders and other technology journalists), gadget reviews, product issues, etc. Their website, The Verge hosts a product database which allows readers to compare product specifications and research product availability.

Viewership – 246,672,727
Subscribers – 940,464

This YouTube channel is purely dedicated to showcase the latest products & unboxing gadgets. Just like other tech channels you’ll find some unboxings, best setup videos, and some roundups, but Michael Kukielka seems to specialize in gadgets, software, and accessories.

We would also like to mention few other tech Youtubers like TechSmartt (1,589,486), Austin Evans (1,694,459), Jonathan Morrison (1,734,605), and NCIXcom (1,000,971) among above mentioned Tech YouTueb channels.


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