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Today if you are looking to find ways to do something, the internet is the ultimate destination – more specifically social media platforms. A lot of people are out there who possess a particular skill or technique to do something and are happy to demonstrate it to the digital audience. This is how the most consumed and informative content category of “How-To/Tutorial/Do-It-Yourself” emerged. It is something that people are always actively looking for on the internet.

While there are innumerable topics under this content category, let’s specifically talk about How-To & Style. Everyone has their own unique sense of style which is a result of various experimentations. In order to discover all the possibilities and know what works best, you can always turn to the recently emerging Facebook pages in this content category.

Here in this blog, we will look at the top 10 How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India that is teaching their digital audience to experiment with fashion, makeup and more.


Craftsvilla is a marketplace to discover India’s jewelry, sarees, and handicrafts from designers and artisans that are specially handpicked for the consumers. With their beautiful assortment of products that reflect the regional variations of the country, they also strive to be a guiding light for those who are looking for help when it comes to fashion.

Their Facebook page which has a huge fan base of more than 7.9 million people stands on the first spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. Apart from just showcasing their products for promotions and having celebrities donning their beautiful creations, the page offers immense content in the form of blog posts that offer style tips and deal with how to topics.

Indian Makeup & Beauty Blogs

Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog (IMBB) started in 2009 as just a makeup blog and has today grown into an international makeup, beauty and fashion community. Their blogs gain reach and momentum across the internet via their promotions on Facebook.

With more than 7.8 million followers, it stands on the second spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. Considering the massive amount of content creation on a daily basis on their blog, their Facebook feed has very frequent blog posts on it. The tips range from fashion, style, beauty, makeup, and lifestyle. Their video content showcases some tutorials, new makeup collections, and giveaway contests.


Glamrs is the first Indian video platform for women which features daily content focussing on beauty, style, fitness, lifestyle, how to & do-it-yourself. Ever since its inception, their social media platforms have kept growing exponentially. On Facebook, they have a fan base of 5.4 million people and stands on the third spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India.

Since they cater only to video content, their Facebook page is filled with informative videos of varying lengths that are natively uploaded to the platform. They have segregated the Videos tab quite well into specific categories for the ease of navigation. With the rise of branded content, Glamrs has also begun to experiment with skillfully integrating brands into their videos. Every once in a while, they hold contests which adds to the page’s audience reach and engagement.

Be Beautiful

Be Beautiful is a publisher that focuses on exclusive content on Beauty/ Makeup/Fashion hacks, latest fashion and beauty trends, home remedies, DIYs, Skincare/Haircare routines and much more to your amazement. On their team, they have a bunch of fashion and beauty experts who are striving to up your fashion and beauty game with every piece of content they create.

On Facebook, they have a fan base of 3.2 million people which makes it stand on the fourth spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. Their feed has a good mix of informative blog posts, original meme content, and short videos.

StyleCraze Beauty Tips

StyleCraze is an online destination for content that pertains to beauty, makeup, skincare/haircare, health, and wellness. On Facebook, they have separate pages of these categories in order to properly segregate their target audience. StyleCraze Beauty Tips stands on the fifth spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India with more than 2 million followers.

On their feed, they touch upon every possible topic that pertains to beauty in the form of blog posts as well as video content. They also have a lot of engagement inducing image posts that urges the audience to leave their comments and share them.


iDiva is one of India’s largest women website owned by Times Internet. Just like any other website these days, their social media platforms are an extension of their website which has seen substantial growth since its inception. With more than 1.8 million followers, they stand on the sixth spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. iDiva aims to provide you the daily dose of fashion, beauty, relationships, entertainment and more. Their feed has a plethora of blog posts and short videos that not only focuses on beauty, fashion and style but also entertainment and lifestyle.

Art All The Way

Art All The Way is the ultimate arts and crafts show which teaches simple crafts in imaginative ways. Unlike most pages in this list that focus on the fashion and style element, this page is inclined towards specifically How-To/DIY content that is related to arts and crafts. With more than 1.8 million followers, it stands on the seventh spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India.

Their page is packed with stimulating ideas that can be brought to life at home. Using blogs and short videos, they explain step-by-step art techniques and make fantastic things that you will want to do it by yourself and keep them or gift them to your friends.


PinkVilla is the one-stop destination for entertainment journalism. It provides voluminous celebrity photo galleries, breaking news, scoops, top event coverages, live streams, celebrity fashion trends and beauty/style tips which makes them the talking point amongst industry insiders and readers.

They have generated a fan base of more than 1.4 million people which makes it stand on the eight spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. Despite having a major share of content around entertainment, their fashion/makeup/beauty trends category has been well appreciated by the audience.

StyleCraze Creative Tips

Yet another StyleCraze page makes it to this list. As mentioned before, StyleCraze has created separate pages on Facebook to focus on different content categories. With more than 1.2 million followers, StyleCraze Creative Tips stands on the ninth spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. It is a fun page which provides you tips which are not specific to any particular category but mostly inclined towards everyday lifestyle. The content type remains the same as their other pages that is blog posts, short videos, and engagement inducing images.


Hauterfly is a platform that is designed to wow both stylists and shopaholics, indulging them with addictive fashion content, highly curated product discovery and insider tips from celebrities, tastemakers, and experts, making them the one-stop destination for impeccable style and shopping advice.

Since its inception, it has garnered more than 585K followers which makes it stand on the tenth spot of the top How-To & Style pages on Facebook in India. On their feed, they cover a lot of interesting content ranging from lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. They have an elaborate videos sections with curated playlists around specific content buckets.

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