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Facebook is a great place for creative people to learn about varied crafts, get inspiration and keep up to date with what other lovers are doing. Photography is one such art form that has emerged as one of the top interests among the Facebook audience over the years. Some pages stand out more than others considering the quality and range of content they offer.

There are a heap of great photographers on Facebook who have mastered the art of showcasing their work. Here in this blog, we will list down the top 10 photographers (based on the ‘Total Likes’) from India that everyone who loves the craft should definitely be following.

Thomas Vijayan Photography

Thomas Vijayan is basically an Architect hailing from Kerala, but was born and brought up in Bangalore and later moved to Canada, where he is now settled with his family. For the past few years, nature photography has been a major part of his life. He has traveled to all the seven continents for photography which he states is a passion but not his profession. With more than 10.5 million followers, he stands on the first spot of the top Indian wildlife photographers on Facebook.

He uses his Facebook page to share his experience and learning in photography which he has nurtured from his trials and errors during his short journey. The theme for his photography is wildlife with the big cats being his favorite, especially the largest of cats i.e. the Tiger. Along with showcasing his works, he also shares valuable photography techniques with his audience which makes it a source of inspiration for many budding photographers out there.

Sudhir Shivaram Nature & Wildlife Photography

Sudhir Shivaram is one of India’s most respected and renowned wildlife photographers. A long and lucrative career in the IT industry did not diminish Sudhir’s passion for photography but on the contrary, ensured that he never lost touch with his wild side. So much so that he bid adieu to the corporate jungle to spend more time in the real one. With more than 1.7 million followers, he stands on the second spot of the top Indian wildlife photographers on Facebook.

On his page, he extensively showcases his work with proper details about the camera equipment that he used for it. Apart from that he also shares other images which reflect his lifestyle as a photographer. On his photography tours, he holds various courses, sessions, and workshops which allows photography enthusiasts to learn the craft. All such updates are also found on his page. The theme for his photography is majorly wildlife but he also covers nature for some of his projects.

Bobby Joshi Photography

Bobby Joshi, the founder of GoodShotz Photography Pvt. Ltd., is a world traveler and nature admirer, based out of Bangalore in India. He keeps his subjects within the range of planet earth’s characteristic self and finds beauty and stories in things that only the heart can feel. He is a master storyteller of Mother Nature, capturing her glory through visually stunning images, each standing out on its own.

With more than 1.3 million followers, he stands on the third spot of the top Indian photographers on Facebook. This page is filled with his current works that showcase the various aspects of nature, that being his central photography theme. He also helps photography enthusiasts to learn the craft by offering extensive photography courses and tours. All information and updates regarding that can be found on his page.

Rathika Ramasamy Photography

Rathika Ramasamy is arguably one of India’s foremost wildlife photographers. She is passionate about birds and is specializing in bird photography. In documenting birds through her photographs, she has developed a style of technical excellence combined with a captivating story. With more than 1.1 million followers, she stands on the fourth spot of the top Indian wildlife photographers on Facebook.

On her page, she shares all her recent photographs which feature birds considering her specialization in that. She also shares links of her featured works and frequently holds workshops to teach her learnings and photography techniques to budding photographers. Highlights of all her workshops can be found on the page. Some of her posts are also experiments with short videos which gives her page variety, thereby attracting a larger audience.

Kiran Poonacha Photography

Kiran Poonacha is a photographer from Bangalore who is a realtor by profession. He specializes in bird photography and over the course of his journey he realized that by showing these images to people and through the internet he was actually creating awareness and getting people to like and respect birds. With more than 995K followers, he stands on the fifth spot of the top Indian photographers on Facebook.

Through his work, he has tried to show the beauty, intelligence, innocence and some moments of a birds day to day life, so you would appreciate them and do your bit to conserve and rebuild their habitat. His Facebook feed has all his current works which are captioned with all the information you need about the birds that act as his photography subjects. This page is not only a platform to showcase his work but also a source of information regarding varied bird species out there.

Hari Menon Photography

Hari Menon is an Indian photographer who is often seen roaming around with a camera trying to capture nature’s bounty through his lens. An instinctive photographer, his magical touch is evident in the numerous photos he has taken ranging from stills to faces, and abstract to reality. With more than 951K followers, he stands on the sixth spot of the top Indian photographers on Facebook.

He is known to capture images from day to day life and render them immortal. His play of colors and shapes in the photos he clicks talk deeply about his passion and love for photography. Apart from his works, his feed also has information about his upcoming workshops and exhibitions. Sometimes he also goes live to interact with his supporters to give them a glimpse of his photographer lifestyle, hold Q & A’s and share his general thoughts on photography.

Ajay Menon Photography

Ajay Menon is a photographer from Cochin who works on themes of travel and nature. He captures the true essence of travel, nature, and people through his artistic style of photography. With more than 411K followers, he stands on the seventh spot of the top Indian photographers on Facebook. On his page, you will find all his current works which are always supported with a meaningful caption. He also collaborates with some brands to experiment with his photography styles. Apart from photography, there are a few video projects also which he has worked upon and he showcases that as well on his page.

Sapna Reddy Photography

Sapna Reddy is a physician and photographer based in California. Passionate about the outdoors and being a people person, she enjoys portraying the symbiosis of man and nature. Her goal is to capture the unique beauty of each place and to express her creative vision. With more than 408K followers, she stands on the eight spot of the top Indian photographers on Facebook.

With her photography, she aspires to convey beauty in the barren, mood in the mundane and evoke an emotional response by immersing you in the images. On her page, you will find all her works beautifully supported by captions that are elaborate stories behind her taking that image. She is very interactive with the people commenting on her posts as she is keen on answering the queries of budding photographer following her page.

Shaaz Jung Photography

Shaaz Jung lives in the forest and runs a Wildlife Resort called ‘The Bison Resort’ and specialize in wildlife photography and tracking Leopards. With more than 321K followers, he stands on the ninth spot of the top Indian wildlife photographers on Facebook. While showcasing his work on the page, he uses the power of storytelling using elaborate captions for his wildlife photography. This amplifies the worth of the image as the audience is able to understand the story that is going on behind the captured wildlife. This form of combining photography with storytelling is very much the unique selling point of Shaaz’s work.

Praveen Siddannavar Photography

Praveen Siddannavar is an award-winning Nature & Wildlife Photographer and authorized member of Canon Professional Service (CPS). An engineer by profession and a Natural History Photographer by choice, he loves traveling into the wild both in India and abroad, he believes that luck has always been with him when it comes to capturing some rare Natural History Moments that he shares with the entire world. Particularly passionate about Tigers, he has been lucky to see many Tigers at various tiger reserves and national park across India.

With more than 269K followers, he stands on the tenth spot of the top Indian wildlife photographers on Facebook. He showcases all his work on the page which is accompanied by an elaborate story behind the image captured. Considering the amount of time spent studying the wildlife behavioural patterns and their natural habitat, he feels that he has established a close bond with these animals and says that this connection helps add more life to his photographs.

So, go ahead and show some support to these fantastic Indian photographers on Facebook and treat your eyes with their brilliant works.

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