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With the rapid changing face of India’s development, ‘India’s nascent glory (read kids) is growing & learning quickly and that too right from the cradle. Remember, the MTS Internet baby & kid ad, with the broadband fetish.
Akshay Chandra5 years ago

With the rapidly changing face of India’s development, ‘India’s nascent glory (read kids) is growing & learning quickly and that too right from the cradle. Remember, the MTS Internet baby & kid ad, with the broadband fetish.

There are an umpteen number of YouTube channels available to help & nurture the young babbling kindergartners to the dynamic world nursery rhymes, alphabets, educative animated series to churn their rational cycles. They say a child educated only at school is an uneducated child, for there’s always room for overall development and grooming outside those ‘four walls’ and slowly & steadily that’s a spot easily being taken up by these channels off late.

Taking forward from that trajectory, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 YouTube channels making waves in relation to the kids content.

1. ChuChu TV Kids Songs
Viewership – 9,797,522,723
Subscribers – 10,975,204

Chu Chu TV is designed to engage children through a series of upbeat songs & colorful animations. All the songs feature Chu Chu Tv characters which entertain kids all over the World. It’s one of the most successful channels s with a world rank of 233 and India rank 9 across all genres. It wins hands down for its easy content in terms of language, creative animations & visuals.

2. CVS 3D Rhymes
Viewership –  5,211,535,555
Subscribers – 6,201,005

The USP of the content lies in its usage of 3D Animation Nursery Rhymes, Stories and Short films, Devotional Video Songs(albums) and clips not only in English but in multi other languages like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi etc. Its world rank is 194 & ranks number.7 in India across all genres.

3. Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs
Viewership –  4,037,311,668
Subscribers – 4,228,196

Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs is one of the best online channels on YouTube where you can watch English nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Finger Family, ABC song and 123 songs. With more than 4 billion views, this channel is the third most viewed kids Nursery Rhymes channel.

4. Videogyan 3D Rhymes
Viewership –  3,815,202,863
Subscribers – 4,574,215

Videogyam 3D is a Bengaluru based YouTube Channel famous for its Finger Family collection of videos. From this collection, Daddy Finger Nursery Rhymes video has generated more than 318 million YouTube views alone making it one of the most viewed nursery rhyme videos in India.

5. Kids Channel – nursery rhymes and kids cartoons
Viewership –  3,164,943,363
Subscribers – 2,420,955

This channel takes kindergarten rhymes a step further with an in-depth understanding of a pre-schoolers comprehension, cognitive development, motor skills, language acquisition, executive functions, self-concept embedded in their videos.

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6. HooplaKidz – Official Nursery Rhymes Channel
Viewership –  2,010,471,411
Subscribers – 2,687,888

Check out the “The adventures of Annie and ben” on their YouTube channel, where this adventurous team chronicles Europe, Transylvania, and America where their adventure filled journey brings a smile on your kids face.

Viewership –  1,881,563,017
Subscribers – 2,384,637

The Finger Family Songs is a very cozy nursery rhymes about our fingers and their alternative names and is perfect to sing with babies and infants. This is where finger family songs play well with their viewers as their combination of featuring gummy bears, ice cream, chocolate bars etc. is worth your toddler’s time.

8. ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Toys
Viewership –  1,500,205,337
Subscribers – 2,687,988

In the world of YouTube content for kids, “Surprise Eggs Toys” are the most talked topic other than listening nursery rhymes. ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Toys is the go-to channel for many mothers around the globe to surf this kind of videos on YouTube kids app.

9. Infobells – Telugu
Viewership –  1,258,166,824
Subscribers – 1,605,013

In the heart of Hindi land, this channel seems to have aced its game when it comes to regional channel in the content market. Infobells Interactive Solutions is a multi-faceted E-Learning firm, engaged in publishing and marketing of Interactive Educational & Edutainment Video/Animation content, covering a wide variety of categories like Children Rhymes, Animated Stories, Kids Education, Reference, Lifestyle, Self-Improvement, CBT’s etc.

Infobells showed a natural interest towards the Telugu language and produced a one of a kind 3D character animated “Chinnu”- Telugu Rhymes DVD. Based on its success, they also launched a sequel, which was a tremendous success all over.

10. Appu series
Viewership –  954,713,286
Subscribers – 1,002,738

It offers a wide range of animated and live action videos. Your child, however, has multiple options to learn stories, nursery rhymes, and even math’s and much more in English or in a language of his/her choice… It capitalizes on Hand clapping songs, finger plays and animal rhymes staples.

This content hence generates enough engagement and makes learning palatable. And seemingly resonates with most pre-k curricula. Its world rank is 547 with India rank being 21.

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