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Shruti Sen6 years ago

YouTuber is now one of the most interesting professions in today’s day and age. Offering a range of entertaining and creative content, creating a preferred and subscribed YouTube channel has become the norm. The development of YouTubers in Indonesia is not far behind the global market. A number of big names have emerged over the years, who create diverse content and have their own market and fans.

Here, in this blog we will find out the Top 10 most subscribed YouTubers from Indonesia who cater to diverse content and keep their audience entertained.

Raditya Dika

Before launching his YouTube channel, Raditya Dika was already a popular blogger and author. His videos match the creator’s known comical character, including the popular series “Malam Minggu Miko” (“Miko’s Saturday Nights”). His channel content includes stand-up comedy sessions, skits, vlogs, casual interviews with celebrities and reaction videos.

Ricis Official

In addition to being known as a programmer, Ria Ricis is a diligent vlogger and creates exciting challenges on her YouTube channel. The content on her channel is always unique and includes giveaways, unboxing, hauls and more interesting stuff. But majorly her YouTube channel is divided into two parts that is vlogs and challenges.

Gen Halilintar

Gen Halilintar is actually an amazing family of 13 – two parents and 11 children (yes, you read that right!), each with their own unique characteristic creativity, making their channel so fun and distinctive. This Indonesian family on their YouTube channel does things from song covers to makeup challenges and snippets of their daily fun. They even have original songs you can catch on iTunes and Spotify.

Reza Oktovian

Reza Oktavian, or better known as Arap, is one of the earliest and most popular gamers/YouTubers from Indonesia. His award-winning channel features not only gaming videos and reviews but also highlights of his fun daily experiences in the form of vlogs and music, showcased in an honest, hilarious way.

Edho Zell

In the past two years, Edho Zell always trailed the position of Raditya Dika. His YouTube channel content is mostly parodies, fun tips, there are also vlogs and random videos that often make the audience laugh out loud.

Tim2one – ChandraLiow

Tim2One – Chandraliow YouTube channel content contains comedy, exciting challenges, unique tips for movie and video editing tutorials, short movies and vlogs. He keeps his audience entertained by touching every topic that is trending and popular at the moment.

Bayu Skak

Bayu Eko Moektito had started his online videos in 2012. The 21-year-old Japanese guy serves funny videos with thick Japanese accent every Saturday on his channel. He also has another channel centering his daily life there. The content of the channel is mostly a Japanese comedy. Skak is an abbreviation of Skumpulan Arek Kesel.


Miawaug is a YouTube channel which mostly contains a reviews of games. In addition there are also video unboxing gadgets, and vlogs. The owner of the channel, Reggie Prabowo has a typical habit of greeting the audience by mimicking the sounds of cats and dogs ‘Miawaug’.


LDP which stands for Last Day Production contains short films, as well as tips and parodies. This group of both genders is serving short scenarios and films to highlight daily problems of today’s Jakarta life. The funny scenes are closely related to most of young Indonesians, which makes them worth watching.


Starting from June 2011, the YouTube channel Skinnyindonesian24 featuring duet brothers present comedy, challenges, cover songs, fun tips and other exciting content. The two brothers Jovial (Ka Jo) and Andovi da Lopez decided to make fun vlogs of daily things they encounter as young people, which also led them to get roles in the film industry and plan to go international.


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