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Just like other sports, Martial Arts is undoubtedly the best version of combat practices and codified systems. In no time, you can learn martial arts skills through top Martial Arts YouTube Channels!

Over time, people have acknowledged the importance of self-defense, military and law enforcement applications. Not only this, other practices like mental and spiritual development and of course, as entertainment act.

The term ‘Martial Art’ has always been associated with the fighting skills in Eastern Asia. However, it is originally termed as the combat systems of Europe back in the 1550s.

Since everyone is trying to get their hand on this skill, you can surf through the Martial Arts YouTube channels and learn some tricks to knock your enemy down!

YouTube Martial Arts training shall be the best for you and don’t worry, we’ve got the 10 best Martial Arts YouTube channels:

1. Master Wong

From women self defence to street fight self defence, you will find it all on this channel. If you a serious practitioner, they also offer online training courses available with support at your own pace at home. Since it’s the most subscribed channel, you can totally learn martial arts through the top YouTube channels. Not only this, they also have space for Tai Chi for health and well-being and kickboxing. You possibly can’t be waiting to start already!

2.Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace

If you are someone who is looking for Martial Arts training on YouTube with Asian Self Defense Systems of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, this channel is surely for you. You won’t be disappointed with their way of techniques, they make it super easy for you to understand!


This channel is completely dedicated to one of the greatest sports, Mixed Martial Arts. You will find yourself amidst weekly live shows to extensive coverage of the biggest events all around the world. For all the fans of MMA, this is definitely the place for you!

4.Martial Club

From famous stunts all around the world to behind the scenes stunt scenes from the movies, you are ought to find a variety of YouTube videos on Martial Arts here. They will take you around through vlogging or by sharing famous Jackie Chan’s best stunts. Training and entertainment goes hand in hand, and if you are looking for two in one, this channel is just for you!

5.The Modern Martial Artist

Like other channels, Modern Martial Artist keeps it simple for you and teaches you techniques and strategies step by step. Not only this, they make sure that you watch the best fighters from all across the globe and focus on their performance and evaluate.

6.MAT K – Martial Arts

You will be motivated finding the best motivational fighters and YouTube videos from all around the world. Enhancing your motivation to another level of learning Martial Arts, this channel easily does it for you!

7.World of Martial Arts Television

From filming to featuring, the channel brings you everything in Martial Arts. They, not only film, they also scout for best Martial Arts moves for you. So if you are ready to get the Martial Arts fever, this channel is surely for you!

8.Mixed Martial Arts News

You possibly can have the best updates from the current champions like Conor McGregor, Cody Garbrandt and many many more. From recent Mixed Martial Arts News to everything about the skill, you will be completely be kept updated with Martial Arts world through this channel!

9.Practical Combat Martial Arts

Just like other channels, you will find tutorials on anti-bullying self-defense and surely fitness here. The channel emphasis on full-contact fighting while comparing other martial arts. You will surely get tricks and tips to improve and work on your fighting skills.

10.IRON DRAGON Martial Arts Academy and Fitness

You will possibly find videos on fighting and challenges from all around the globe. However, you can totally scout for strategies on his channel through a string of videos with different content.

We presented you with the Top Martial Arts training Channels on YouTube and are hoping that you are gearing up for your fighting skill already!


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