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With the world becoming more and more digitally evolved, audience behavior in terms of media consumption is also rapidly changing. The digital world has changed the way that daily activities and routines are experienced. Therefore, it is essential for traditional media to adapt to new media in order to have a greater impact and audience reach.

Today, traditional media on its own cannot lure the audience into consumption. It needs to take help from digital media platforms such as Facebook to provide content in a digitally acceptable way for their audiences to consume content on the go.

Here in this blog, we will list down the top 10 media pages on Facebook in India (based on total ‘Likes’) which are doing a great job at showcasing their content digitally and eventually driving more engagement.

Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak is a leading Indian Hindi news channel owned by TV Today Network which is part of Living Media Group (India Today Group). Aaj Tak dominates the media space and has been setting the news agenda for the country since its inception. The channel has maintained leadership with its pioneering initiatives of adapting the latest technology and going beyond conventional news coverage to bring the best to the viewers. Therefore, when you look at their Facebook page, you’ll find a huge fan base of more than 20 million people.

This makes it stand on the first spot to the top media pages on Facebook in India. The strategy for growing their page is simple – to ensure that news reaches the digital savvy audience as it happens. They daily upload snippets of video content that is being aired on the channel and also blog posts from their website and other sister Facebook pages. It is important to note that the language used to communicate with them is in Hindi and not English. This ensures that they reach all kinds of Indian audience, especially those who are not adept with the English language.

ABP News

ABP News (formerly STAR News) is one of India’s leading Hindi news channel. The channel presents a mix of rolling entertainment bulletins and specialized shows covering topics from crime to Cricket. Their success on traditional media has translated well on digital platforms like Facebook as it boasts a huge fan base of more than 17 million people. Therefore, it stands on the second spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, they ensure that the audience is updated with the latest happenings in the country and around the world either in the form of short videos or blog posts from their website. They rely heavily on video content and have organized it pretty well into various playlists that focus on different categories of content. Like most other news pages on Facebook, they majorly communicate in Hindi for the ease of audience understanding.

Dainik Jagran

More than 55.7 million people read Dainik Jagran making it the largest read daily in India. Currently, Dainik Jagran’s 36 editions are published across eleven states of India. The paper’s website,, also carries content aimed at teenagers, cooks, upwardly-mobile women, education, Bollywood, and local news.

They have grown their Facebook fan base fantastically well with about more than 13.8 million people and thus stand at the third spot on the top media pages on Facebook in India. On their page, the major posts are blog links from their website on the latest news. Despite being a newspaper, they also focus on video content which is related to news. Some video content is natively uploaded on Facebook while some are video links that lead to their website. Using Hindi as their main language of communication, the page is able to engage audiences and start discussions around the news topics.

Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar Group, is India’s largest newspaper Group, with 67 editions published in 4 languages, trusted by 4.4cr readers across 13 states. With their Facebook fan base of more than 13.8 million people, it stands on the fourth spot on the top media pages on Facebook in India.

The posts on their page are majorly blog posts from their website. Sometimes they do post short video content as well that is either episodic in nature, animated or just anything that is newsworthy. For easier understanding of the audience, their content is always posted in the Hindi language. Unlike most media pages, Dainik Bhaskar also posts image content which is designed in the form of news posters that enhances engagement and shareability.

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Zoom TV

Zoom is young India’s newest entertainment station. It showcases Original Shows, Bollywood News, Gossip, Music Countdowns, Superstar Interviews, Fan Requests, Youth Shows, Film Reviews, Celebrity Parties, Movies and more. Alongside its TV success, it has also generated a huge digital fan base on Facebook as well with more than 11.9 million people.

This makes it stand on the fifth spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India. On their page, you will find a variety of content in the form of image, video, and website blog posts.

When it comes to video content, they have experimented with various kinds of episodic content be it web series or something around tentpole events. Their content is well organized into playlists in the Videos tab for easier consumption. As their content is majorly focussed towards the youth of India, their posts drive a lot of engagement and audience reach. You will also find some cross-posted content from their secondary pages such as the ‘The Zoom Studios’.

Colors TV

Colors is a Hindi language general entertainment television channel. It is a part of Viacom18, which is a joint venture between Viacom and TV18. Considering it’s leading TV presence in India, it has quickly evolved as a digital-first brand as well with more than 12 million people following it’s Facebook page. This makes it stand on the sixth spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, you will find the promotional content of their current and upcoming TV shows in the form of image posters, gifs, and short video snippets. While some of their video content are just promos that are also being aired on TV, while some are created especially for their digital audience to interact with. A lot of their posts are created in a way to boost engagement in the form of comments and shares.

MTV India

MTV India is the Indian version of MTV, a channel specializing in music, reality, and youth culture programming. It was launched in 1996 and is now part of the Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. Considering its popularity amongst the Indian youth, it is important for the brand to have a digital presence as well. Since its inception, they have garnered more than 11.8 million Likes on their Facebook page, making it stand on the seventh spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, they promote their current and upcoming shows in the form of images and videos. The image posts are majorly glimpses/moments from the popular MTV (India) TV Shows which urge the audience to share their opinions in the comments section. And as long as video content is concerned, they have segregated into various categories, organized into playlists. Some of these videos are snippets from the TV show while some a created specifically for their digital audience.

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NTD India

NTD is a New York-based global news and entertainment media, founded in 2001. Consistently ranked among the top 10 digital news and media properties in the world, NTD engages audiences by creating and curating content on their digital platforms revolved around information, inspiration, and positivity. Their Indian page has managed to garner more than 11 million Likes on Facebook since its inception.

This makes it stand on the eight spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India. On their page, you will majorly find content related to the Indian entertainment world and other light-hearted viral content in the form of memes, website blog posts, and short videos. They also cross-post a lot of viral content from other popular Facebook pages. All in all NTD India is a fun community of light-hearted content that is bound to keep you entertained.

The Times Of India

The Times of India is India’s most-read English newspaper. More than 13.5 million readers wake up to one of its 13 editions every morning. With a daily circulation of more than 4 million copies, it is the world’s largest-selling English newspaper. It’s website also ranks among the world’s most-visited news sites. Similarly, on the digital platforms like Facebook, Times Of India has a growing base of more than 10.8 million people making it stand on the ninth spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, they post news content of every category as it happens in the form of website blog posts, images, and short videos. Apart from having news related videos, Times Of India also creates episodic content which is specifically created for their digital audience. Considering the massive reach of the page, a lot of audience engagement is seen on their posts.

Zee News

Zee News is a leading Indian news channel which is the flagship property of Zee Media Corporation Limited, company and a subsidiary of Essel Group. The channel is owned by Subhash Chandra, an independent member of the Rajya Sabha. Alongside its success on traditional media, Zee News has garnered a fan base of more than 10 million people making it stand on the last spot of the top media pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, they post news content from every category usually in the form of website blog posts. At times they also post video content which is a quick overview of the latest news of which is going on live on their channel. Like most other news pages on the platform, Zee News also communicates with their audience in the Hindi language so that it is easier to understand for those who are not well versed in the English language.

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