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A perfect digital community allows it’s audience to share all sorts of content including music. Facebook is one such platform which helps create and maintain digital community through its plethora of pages which are focussed on numerous categories. Just like any other brand or celebrity even musicians and record labels need this platform to boost their audience engagement and reach on digital.

The Indian music industry comprises of various leading musicians, independent and commercial record labels who are looking to showcase and promote their content to the digital audience. Here in this blog, we will be listing out the top 10 music pages on Facebook in India which is making the optimum use of the platform to further grow in this digital era.


TIPS is one of the largest corporate houses in India in the field of music and films. Its main area of interest is music production, promotion, and distribution, now also in films. It has the highest number of gold and platinum discs to their credit in comparison with any other record label in India. In order to catch up with the current digital era, they have managed to maintain a huge fan base on Facebook with more than 5.7 million people. This makes it stand on the first spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India.

On the page, their strategy is to drive as many promotions for their music and film content as possible. You will often find them post teasers and promo in the form of well-designed posters and short videos. Although they don’t post full music videos on their page, the short promos are enough to drive engagement on the page. Alongside tentpole events related content, they also go live with musicians that are part of their music catalog in order to keep the audience entertained and engaged.


T-Series is an Indian music company, founded by Gulshan Kumar in the 1980s. It is primarily known for Bollywood music soundtracks. It is also engaged in film production and distribution. While they have established themselves as the undisputed king of record labels on YouTube by having the second largest subscriber base in the world, they are not far behind in the Facebook fan base as well. With more than 4.2 million followers, T-Series stands on the second spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India.

The posts on their page vary from promotional content to tentpole events in the form of posters and short videos. Just like other record labels, T-Series also doesn’t post full music videos on Facebook. A lot of their posts are related to various milestones that their music catalog has been achieving over the years. Apart from these, there are some live videos and web-exclusive content as well on their page. The label is known for introducing new musicians to release their singles and albums, so the page also features updates regarding that.

SS Music

SS Music or Southern Spice Music channel is a satellite television channel based in Chennai, India. The multilingual music channel broadcast film music songs from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industry. The music channel also airs mainstream international music from US, UK, Europe regions. Their presence on Facebook comprises a fan base of more than 4.4 million people which makes it stand on the third spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India.

On their page, you will find posts related to celebrities be it from the south Indian film industry or Bollywood alongside music content. Their major focus is on south Indian music since that is the main interest of the channel. They do upload full music videos on their Facebook and create some content which is web exclusive. Some of their posts also feature celebrity gossip and wishes for tentpole events.

Rahman 360

Rahman 360 on Facebook describes itself as the ultimate fan club of A.R Rahman. A.R Rahman is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, and music producer. A. R. Rahman’s works are noted for integrating Indian classical music with electronic music, world music, and traditional orchestral arrangements. South Indian fans of Rahman refer to him with the nickname of “The Mozart of Madras”, and “Isai Puyal” (meaning ‘The Musical Storm’). The page has garnered a fan base of more than 3.6 million people and thus stands on the fourth spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India.

Since this page is dedicated to A.R Rahman, you will find all updates from his life be it new music, lifestyle, tours and general photoshoots. There is not much video content to be found here but the ones that do exist are priceless snippets from his concerts around the globe. All in all this page depicts Rahman’s insane fandom that is always supportive of his musical pursuits.

Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company is an Indian music company, a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. The company was formed in the year 2014 and within a short span of time has captured a major chunk of market shares in Bollywood music. Due to its inception during the digital boom, they have managed to maintain a digital audience right from the beginning. Their Facebook page boasts a fan base of more than 2.4 million people which makes it stand on the fifth spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India.

On the page, they feature promotional content of their existing and upcoming music projects in the form of posters and teaser videos. The video content on the page is extensive and is properly segregated into playlists which focuses on separate movie albums as well as original music. Like most leading record labels in the country, Zee Music also supports new independent artists to come out with their singles and albums. The page consists of all those updates as well alongside film music.

Sony Music India

Sony Music India is the predominant record label operated by Sony Music Entertainment in India. The company began operation back in 1997, and it was the first record company in India to be 100% foreign-owned. Following in the footsteps of its other subsidiaries across the globe, Sony Music India has ensured that their digital presence is a top priority. On Facebook, they have a fan base of more than 2.4 million people and thus stands on the sixth spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India.

Apart from using this page for existing and upcoming music promotions, they indulge in contests and meme culture to increase audience engagement and also host live videos with associated musicians to keep them entertained. Most of their posts have a specific call-to-action which urges the audience to interact and thus increase their visibility. As far as video content is concerned, it is a mix of short promos and some web exclusive content.


Saregama is India’s oldest music label owned by RP Sanjiv Goenka Group of companies. Apart from music, Saregama also produces films under the brand name Yoodlee Films and multi-language Television content. Saregama owns music repertoire across Film music, Carnatic, Hindustani classical, Devotional etc. in all prominent Indian languages. Considering their large ever increasing music repertoire, they attract all sorts of audience on their digital platform pages. On Facebook, they have achieved more than 1.1 million people who are constantly engaged and enjoy their content.

With this, they stand on the seventh spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India. Their content strategy on Facebook is driven by audience engagement. With every new music property and product, they ensure that the promotions are well supported by interesting contests on a weekly basis. Their posts are bucketed into various properties each day of the week be it promos, contests, tentpole event wishes or web exclusive music series spearheaded by upcoming independent artists.

Speed Records

Speed Records, with its music circulation all over the world, has been a label promoting and publishing the unique sounds of Punjabi music with the finest artists. With the digitization of music being the most acclaimed entrant in the Punjabi Industry, Speed Records have become the largest Punjabi Music labels of the world. Due to the popularity of Punjabi music across the country and the world, it has successfully grown its digital audience.

On Facebook, Speed Records boasts a fan base of more than 1.1 million people and thus stands on the eight spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India. Be it upcoming Punjabi music from independent artists or Punjabi film music, the page features it all. It is filled be with promotional posts in the form of posters, short teasers, and live videos.

Aditya Music

Aditya Music has its presence in Tollywood, the Telugu film industry. It is the record label that is preferred by most filmmakers in Tollywood and label has eventually become a household name in the film industry of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Considering their standing in Tollywood, it has maintained a well-engaged audience in the digital space as well.

With close to a million followers, they stand on the ninth spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India. They post promotional content on their page in the form of posters and video teasers. Apart from that, there is hashtag oriented content pushed on a weekly/daily basis which makes use of their music catalog in a creative manner. Important tentpole events regarding celebrities and musicians from the south are not missed for some beautiful content creation.

Times Music

Times Music a division of The Times Group, is an Indian record label and music publisher. It is also the Indian sub-publisher for global music publishing firms Warner/Chappell Music and Peermusic. Times Music was one of the early pioneers of remixes in India and was an early leader in the devotional and spiritual music genre. The label has also published regional, folk, Bollywood and traditional albums in languages such as Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Kannada, and has a strong regional presence.

On Facebook, they have garnered a fan base of more than 930K people and stands on the tenth spot of the top music pages on Facebook in India. Their page has posts related to music promotions as well as repertoire content that is curated for every day of the week using a particular hashtag. When it comes to video content, it is restricted to short promos of their upcoming music projects.

So all the music lovers in the country keep an eye out for these top 10 music pages on Facebook and keep yourself updated with all that’s happening in the music industry.

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