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Anne Carton4 years ago

In the world of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other video streaming channels, static content is no more attractive. Famous brands and even start-ups have well understood it. The idea of a video marketing strategy isn’t new. But what has changed is how it has become a necessity on almost every platform.

Videos are no longer just a branch of one’s overall marketing strategy. But it has become the nucleus of marketing efforts. There is a firm preference for it. According to a HubSpot’s report, the global audience likes to see video content from their preferred brand or business.

This report clearly shows the importance of video content besides a user-friendly website design. If you are not doing it, you are likely to stand behind in the race. If you need more reasons to do so, here are the top 10 reasons behind the use of video marketing by entrepreneurs.

  1. Modern audience prefers videos

Do you know about 78 percent of people watch videos once a week? About 55 percent of individuals stream videos on a daily basis? Apart from that, YouTube garners over 4 billion views per days. This data easily conclude the dominance of videos. Also, we can quickly figure out that at present everyone in your targeted list is watching videos.

That’s the number one reason why start-ups are including video promotions in their marketing efforts. However, existing and potential customers’ preferences cannot be ignored though.

  1. Videos boost brand recalls

According to HubSpot data, about 80% of viewers recollect a video they have watched. This is undoubtedly the best aspect of video marketing. Interesting visual contents evoke brand recognition better than the text-based content.

The moment customers remember your promotional video content, they recall your business, products, and services as well. It means more leads and traffic for your business.

  1. Boost SEO

One of Google’s algorithm aspects for search rankings favors the amount of time a user spends on a website. And, videos do engage customers! That’s the reason we see exponential growth in these dynamic visual contents. You need to create quality content to drive people to your landing pages. This strategy not only boosts your CTR but enhances your SEO ranking as well.

  1. Because competitors are using it

According to MarketingProfs, about 81% of senior marketing professionals from various industries use videos as part of their promotional campaign. And, your competitors are already making most out of this tool to target audience.

It actually leads to an uncomfortable situation. While you are all set to put forward your promotional video, and you come to know your prospects are watching your competitor’s videos.

So the only mantra to surpass your competitors is to create quality videos with your unique USPs.

  1. They are more searchable and compatible

When you search in Google, you will find that videos dominate their search results. Buyers look for items they would like to buy either in Google or other search engines. YouTube holds the second position in web search. It means that videos contribute to high ranking in SERPs. Be it mobile or desktop devices; they are fit for almost every device. And, as we know most of the online shopping takes place on mobile devices, companies leave no stone unturned to leverage that opportunity.

  1. They educate, entertain, engage, and convert

According to a study conducted by, more than 60% of buyers spend about two minutes watching a video related to an item they like to buy. Videos are the more powerful tool when it comes to influencing the viewers. Their storytelling ability educates, engages and entertains the audience more than other kinds of content.

  1. More Sustainable and Long Lasting Promotional Tool

When it comes to sustainability, videos top the list. They remain available on the web and even search results of Google for many years. On top of that, they continue advertising your brand at no additional cost! And, this is highly profitable if you’ve created a high-quality video.

Take for an example, TV ads. After some time when the lease isn’t paid off, the video is brought down. But it remains there and continues to support your branding campaign for years to come.

  1. Give you real-time feedback

People like to show their views on videos. And, it helps you learn your shoppers’ behavior. Also, the reactions and remarks that you get on your videos give you an opportunity to improve it as per your audience’s needs. As it’s quantifiable, you can measure its success rate too.

This will enable you to find out the videos that are successful and help you generate leads in real time with the help of various analytics tools.

  1. Boost conversion and sales

According to Wyzowl, 97% of marketers who used videos in their marketing campaign reported an increase in user understanding while 76% of marketers reported an increase in sales.

That’s the reason why videos are gaining popularity as a cult marketing tool.  However, businesses should pay close attention to the quality and create informative, shareable and entertaining videos.

  1. Feature ‘viral’ factor

As per Virtuets, videos go viral easily.  They shared about 1200 percent more than other contents. It is the best opportunity for marketers to make most out of it and turn it into an online sensation. And, it’s one of the most remarkable benefits of this strategy that can instantly popularize your business or brand. You know what? Big viral wins big!

Remembered Dollar Shave Club’s viral video? Well, it’s a fantastic example of the success of a viral video. The brand spent only $4,500 creating this video. In that small spending, the brand received about 12,000 new orders! And, that too in the first 48hrs! Isn’t that kind of ROI, you have been looking for?


We hope that the above-said reasons behind using videos for marketing would have led you to recognize the power of a well-thought-out and strategized video campaign.

So, kick off your video marketing strategy today. But be sure to know that it’s much more than just recording. The success of any video campaign depends on the creation and application of the right strategies with a customized approach suitable for your brand. Consult your marketing and design team for a fool-proof strategy, logos and other contents that you would like to show in your video. Plan accordingly, and go ahead!

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