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Well, one cannot discount the fact almost everyone has this urge of being someone famous or relish some celebritydom on oneself; often wondering how do I become a youtube sensation?. Think no more. YouTube as a phenomenon has been an active agent in giving wings to many Bieber & Psy’s of the world. Whether you’re talented or just a weirdo there seems to be an audience for each and every one of those who are confident enough to face the camera with their quirks and skills alike. As we all know that there’s no formula to making a viral video which everybody is attuned to.
Here we hand you down some amazing pearls of wisdom in being the celebrity on YouTube, you always aspired to be. So let’s see apart from having a cute face and some degree of skill sets what else can come in handy?

1. Build your Subscribers base

In hindsight, it all works out. Even if your video is relatively engaging, your subscribers( read fans) will push it forward and share it in their own social circles giving it an exponential boost. So the more subscribers the more engaging it becomes.


2. Original Content

You know, what’s that one thing which never goes out of fashion in the YouTube world, it’s original content so even if you speak funny English and made a song out of it, it becomes Kolaveri Di

3. Collaboration

If you are already a name in the YouTube world, bringing some star power helps your YouTube channel to make it more engaging. Apart from that You also have the chance to tap subscribers from the other YouTuber’s channel. This cross promotion works wonders for both the host and the guest as it works out to be symbiotic in nature. You can always introduce  a new segment like a contest or an interview or a skills /jam session which will help you clock more watch-time on Youtube.

4. Ain’t that funny

You might think that being humorous or being funny is a reserve for artists who make videos in the genre of entertainment. But you are wrong, factually, almost all those channels who are not into the usual songs and dance routine also work in tandem with humour. For example a food show by four guys where they make everything from things easily available in the kitchen employ this tactic.

5. Parodies and Video Responses

Well, these formats sell like hot cakes and even make the questionably anonymous famous if you strike gold with the right content.


6. Promote your videos on all social circles

Yeah, that’s right. Though you want to be a YouTube star, you need to be socially relevant(read have a good subscribers base) on all other important social media networks.

social circles

7. Be regular

Yes you heard it right, as they say Out of sight Out of mind, so you need to be regularly making your videos and at the end of the year have a large chunk to be made into different Playlists and segments. Moreover with the format such as Vlog which happens once daily or weekly, you have the chance to hook your subscribers with the given date and time.

8. Channel  presentation

Here we are not only talking about channel Art(channel banner) but also video quality and length to keep it short and simple. Put in creativity with video thumbnails and playlist.

scherezade shroff

9. Technical aspects

Sometimes even when your videos are awesome in the content you lag on the technical front to make it worth –watching. Make sure that your mics are all synced with the audio, check into see their placement, that  there’s no ambient noise, and that the video quality is good if not great.

10. Properly optimise your video

This means that you choose the right keywords, Video title, meta-tags, right thumbnails in order to increase it s organic reach so that it pops up in people’s search results suggested videos as well as search ranks. You could use the google ad word for that.


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