ListsTop 10 trends in video marketing for 2015

The last quarter of 2014 was really high on video marketing trends globally. From twitter campaigns, to facebook challenges (Read ALS Ice-bucket challenge) to widespread anthems on twitter and releasing movie teasers on Instagrams, Video played a key role in tapping different platforms to build on revenues and engagement manifolds. From business ventures, agencies and brands to independent YouTube artists sustaining livelihood through Partner’s program, all have contributed to shaping the many facets of video marketing! Let’s check out what all trends are here to stay frozen for better part of 2015 sustaining minor and major changes.


1. KISS  (Keep it simple silly)

A widespread trend observed worldwide was to make content shorter and durable. This seems to be the need of the hour for crafting videos. For people consuming data/video on the go, mostly on mobile devices, need content which is quick and catchy in as we always playfully complain.

2. Go mobile 

As more and more people are moving away from traditional desktops and consuming videos on their smart devices like tabs and smartphones, proper measures should taken into account to make video’s mobile friendly to tap in more ready- eyeballs!


3. Emotional content

Brands, in order to touch the cords, are drumming the emotional connect with elan. Realising the importance of emotional connect they revive the sentimentalist aspect of a brand by humanising it. Remember the overwhelming ads by coca-cola and back home we had a successful campaign in ‘Ghar-wali Diwali’ last year by pepsiIndia.

4. Humorous content

Almost simultaneous with brimming the emotional quotient of the audience, the videos these days are high on tickling the funny bone of the consumers and are trying to drive engagement through the humorous content and info-tainted  worth sharing. Vodafone zoozoo is worthy of attention in building information with entertainment.

5. Thrust on making (home) videos

With the young and happening lot, high on creativity brands are looking to capitalise on this chunk and encourage them by providing them forums to shoot videos and enter many such video contests to promote their brand by enticing the amateur film-makers. The recent campaign by Pepsi India on the theme of Crash the Pepsi IPL, are gaining a lot of momentum these days.

6. How-To’s & Tutorials

The how-to’s and tutorial videos are here to stay. With more and more people coming under the belt of technology and new technological advancement in shaping one’s life, there’s a growing need to learn, relearn and unlearn the new, developing and redundant technology respectively! with people from every bracket of age-groups making videos on diversified of genres  ranging from chalk to cheese, the how to and tutorials will further gain popularity especially in tech and beauty genres!

7. Cross platform promotion will gain traction

It’s universally acknowledged that Google Hangout changed the shape of video conferencing and interaction at 1/10th of a price by pushing the engagement format a notch higher. Similarly, integrating YouTube  with Hangout has helped build sustainable communities by retaining subscribers and followers. Youtube Hangout is an effective forum for brands, films -promotions and popular YouTubers to go one on one with questions from their fun followers or subscribers.

8. AMA (Reddit)

Borrowing from platforms and using on YouTube is again a popular drift like Reddit’s AMA (ask me anything ) which is now being used by a lot of brands and popular stars/ celebrities to connect with their audience/ fans. For example, Ask AIB, is well -known to conduct such format on YouTube with their witty takes on twisted questions.

9. Rise of Social Micro- platforms 

During the last three years, brands have innovatively started using vine and Instagram videos to promote their products and brands in the non-traditional ways by feeding into their curiosities through innovative teasers on brand -promotion.Similarly, one could use twitter’s periscope live streaming feature and broadcast any significant event on the go

10. Interactive  Video

– Yeah, you heard it right. By interactive, we mean all applications inclusive of games, surveys, social media sharing buttons which are slowly becoming mainstream. Even Retargeting too has induced significant conversion -rates

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