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As self-taught chefs are even outperforming professional chefs in their own field, here are the YouTube stars who love baking crazy looking cakes and cupcakes.
Akshay Chandra5 years ago

When Julia Child started the groundbreaking T.V show “The French Chef” in 1963, the world came to know about a new on-screen format which was stand and stir cooking show. She would be delighted to see people around the world spreading the love for cooking on YouTube for free.

YouTube has gone way ahead from funny videos and cat chases. Now, it is more of a learning platform. People can learn to cook varieties of food recipes varying from different countries and religions.

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If you happen to have a sweet tooth, then baking is an obsession from which you cannot escape. For you, cooking is all about sweetness, sharing and swallowing your cupcakes with tons of love. As self-taught chefs are even outperforming professional chefs in their own field, here are the YouTube stars who love baking crazy looking cakes and cupcakes.

1. Rosanna Pansino:

She is the cupcake queen of YouTube. She inherited her baking skills from her grandmother and started her own YouTube channel after getting insisted from her friends. Her channel Nerdy Nummies is dedicated to cook baked items resembling characters and objects from video games, television shows, books, and films. Pansino also released her own Nerdy Nummies cookbook, this November.

2. My Cupcake Addiction:

Elise Strachan has been empowering novice bakers with clever tips and techniques since 2011. Initially, she was in the cupcake business for 10 years before her decision to go digital and create her own YouTube channel. She is an expert in baking cupcakes and cakepops with simple ingredients so that every common fan can try her recipe out. Check Out her Halloween themed pumpkin Cupcakes in this video.

3. Nameless:

This channel is the best example of how your domain name can be stolen. Previously known as “RRcherrypie”, changed the YouTube channel’s name as “Nameless”. This channel never discloses the identity and gender of the user and is the fourth most subscribed Japanese YouTube channel.

4. How To Cook That:

If you want to cook Instagram-themed cakes, then look no further. Ann Reardon has been featured in many international magazines like Forbes, The Huffington Post etc. She was contacted to make the 50th-anniversary cake for Doctor Who which also got featured in the Variety magazines. This YouTube channel mainly features cakes decorated with cartoon characters, social media logos, etc. Reardon also released a mobile app called Surprise Cakes in the Apple Store and on Google play making it the first augmented reality app for cakes.

5. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio:

This channel is dedicated to do-it-yourself baking from scratch, and decorating cakes and cupcakes. From her rainbow themed cakes to homemade pumpkin spice latte, Jenn Johns can bake word class cakes with a homemade touch. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio has generated more than one million subscribers till now.

6. Simple Cooking Channel:

Straight from Australia, Jason Pinder is on his verge to join one million subscriber club in no time. He used to be a counselor before he started cooking and baking in his own YouTube channel. With its own merchandise and measurement chart for baking, this channel delivers a new recipe every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

7. Eugenie Kitchen:

She is famous for her crafty desserts and candy’s. She can make a cake with a secret rainbow side.  These confections are well crafted and created with true love. Her channel has gained more than 700 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.


Hosted by Brandi Milloy, POPSUGAR Food shares easy-to-follow recipes, demos, and time-saving kitchen hacks on their show Get the Dish. They also recreate the latest food crazes and invent new ones on Eat the Trend. There are 9 different channels facilitated by POPSUGAR focusing on mom’s, beauty, fitness, home etc.

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9. How To Cake It:

If you want a zombie themed or a brain-shaped cake, then this is your channel to learn how to bake it. Yolanda Gampp is known for creating unusual themed cakes for various occasions such like Halloween themed cake, Christmas themed cake, etc. Her website features popular recipes, merchandise, baking utensils and a customized cake on order.

10. kawaiisweetworld:

kawaii is the Japanese word for “cute.” Rachel Fong is just 17 years old who loves to bake cute and has more than half a million subscribers. Be sure to check out my channel and enjoy the making of Minion Eclairs, Totoro Tarts and many more.


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