From 100 Years of Halloween Costumes  to The Great Khali, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the second week of October.
Akshay Chandra6 years ago

From 100 Years of Halloween Costumes  to The Great Khali, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the second week of October.

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1. Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015:

“Sorry Marty, we don’t have hoverboards..”

College Humor shows us the return of  Marty McFly and Doc Brown coming back to the future on their promised date only to discover that we have neither trash-powered engines nor hoverboards just yet. Let’s hope that Tesla can overthink on this subject of futurism. This video was uploaded three days ago and has managed more than 1 million views.

2. 100 Years of Halloween Costumes in 3 Minutes:

The Mode has always managed to attract YouTube fashion community by making such creative content. Last time we picked their video on 100 years of glasses. Now, they are back with a century filled with Halloween costumes. There is nothing more thrilling than dressing up for Halloween. Whether it’s trick or treat or carving pumpkins, dressing right is crucial for every Halloweeners.

3. Dealing With Multiple Sneezes

According to Natalie Tran, multiple sneezing decreases the amount that somebody cares for you. You need someone to acknowledge every sneeze that comes your way. Watch this video and know about the newly introduced – Sneeze Care by communitychannel.

4. Billy on the Street: Chris Pratt Lightning Round!

After starring in a series of Hollywood blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Guardians of Galaxy and many more, Chris Pratt joined billy in the street in an attempt to engage oblivious pedestrians. Check this video as Billy as everyone only one question. “Do you know Chris Pratt?”

5. Barack Obama – “Back to Back” (@Drake Spoof)

You should recognize him from the famous video of ERB of Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney where at the end Lincoln takes the charge. Iman Crosson is back with another spoof in favor of Barack Obama pointing his opinion on Donald Trump’s political advocacy.

6. Giant strength for the Giant Feat. The Great Khali:

This advertisement could be the next best piece since HappyDent White fun chewing gum ad. If you always wonder how Khali manages to live in his house without breaking anything, then this video proves everything. Watch the Great Khali break walls like shattering house of cards in this new advertisement called “Giant strength for the Giant.”

7. ScoopWhoop: Annoying Things Non-vegetarians Say To Vegetarians

So, you don’t eat nonveg? How do you get your proteins from? ScoopWhoop reveals exactly what vegetarian faces while having dinner with someone who eats meat. Here are the responses that every vegetarian should keep handy.

8. Every Non-Vegetarian Indian In The World #BeingIndian

With meat (Beef) getting all the attraction from media and societies of this generation, YouTube content creators never miss out of a chance to propagate everything that’s going wrong. Here is a video that describes the feeling of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

9. How To Train Your Dad – Online Shopping:

When you have Indian black Friday with double discounts and deals, you cannot help yourself using the plastic card that makes you regret every next month’s salary. TVF is back with their new series, How To Train Your Dad. So, if you got mad explaining to your dad how to shop online, then you should not miss this video.


10. Everything Caught Fire!

He is the founder of BME.com and has directed films that are praised by the audience. Casey Neistat brings you his 200th blog which chronicles his minimal celebration with fireworks, and him getting featured in Runner’s magazine.

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