From Star Wars to Back To The Future, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the third week of October.
Akshay Chandra8 years ago

From Star Wars to Back To The Future, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the third week of October.

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1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer:

Stating the obvious, opening in theaters this christmas, 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and features a new generation of swashbuckling heroes and shadowy villains, as well as the return of fan-favorite smugglers, princesses, and Jedi.

2. Fueled by the Future | Back to the Future | Presented by Toyota Mirai:

Mirai; which translates Japanese for “future”, is one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially. The Mirai looks striking and its long, sharply-creased body looks like it means business.  Watch this video as two Back to the Future icons see trash get turned into fuel for a car.

3. EIC Outrage: Indian Labour in Saudi Arabia:

Check this video where Indian YouTube channel East India Company spoke about the Indian maid who had her hand chopped off in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is regarded as one of the worst places to work for due to various crimes on Indian citizens.

4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Canadian Election:

John Oliver is famous for his take on Indian parliament elections that happened last year. This video contains the humorous video clip of Justin Trudeau (became the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada) falling from stairs accidentally.

5. Master of None – Main Trailer:

Netflix just added another feather to their impressive lineup of original content for their online viewers. Check out the first look at Master of None, its new series from comedian Aziz Ansari and writer Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation), which is set to drop in just a few weeks, on November 6.

6. Humans In 1000 Years:

AsapSCIENCE discuss how humanity will look like after 1000 years from now. They support their theory with many practical predictions that already happened like how humans evolved a tolerance to cow’s milk 10,000 years ago; over the past 150 years, how we’ve added 10 centimetres to our average height; and the addition of 20 years to our life span from past 65 years. If you want to know what lies ahead in future, check this video.

7. Meet YouTube Red:

If you want more from YouTube, then it will make sure you pay for it. Enter the new YouTube Red which is a new membership platform designed to provide you with the ultimate YouTube experience by providing you advertisement free surfing. Viewers in the U.S. can try YouTube Red for free with a one month trial on October 28 and YouTube Music will be coming soon.

8. Why Halloween’s Really British – Anglophenia:

What is halloween in british point of view? Is trick-or-treating a trend in U.K too ? Watch Kate Arnell digs deep into the Scottish roots of the spookiest holiday of the year.

9. Honest Trailers – Back to the Future:

The celebration that was Back to the Future Day has come and gone. It’s only fair to follow it up with some lighthearted jabs by way of an Honest Trailer for the entire trilogy. Watch Screen Junkies poke fun at the similarities in the trilogy.

10. If Google Was A Guy (Part 4):

Google is back again for round 4. Scouring the deepest holes of the Internet to answer your searches about weird questions like Should I drink expired milk? to outrageous questions like Paul Walker’s pics from the accident; Check this video by Collegehumor where they show you what if Google is a Guy?


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