From Coldplay’s new single to Deadpool, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the first week of November.
Akshay Chandra8 years ago

From Coldplay’s new single to Deadpool, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the first week of November.

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1. How Deadpool Spent Halloween:

Try not to watch this video at your work environment with your PC’s volume on high. As the part of Deadpool was made for Ryan Reynolds and the suit was cut for him particularly, the performer takes numerous chances to wear it. To wear the skin of the comic book character, metaphorically.

2. Pug Life – Simon’s Cat:

In this most recent scene of Simon’s Cat, the feline is caught in the feared “cone of disgrace.” The cone ends up being despicable, as well as it keeps the cat from doing for all intents and purposes anything it wishes to do. Who could have thought that the cat would find there is no less than one great use for a pug?

3. Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official audio):

Coldplay just dropped a brand new song called “Adventure of a Lifetime” and it’s awesome!

The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams, which was just announced and will be released on December 4.The album features collaborations with Beyonce, Tove Lo, and more. There are 12 tracks in total if you included the hidden song.

4. What if all the action heroes were girls? | Girls Action Figure Montage | GoldieBlox & Ruby Rails

Utilizing its Ruby Rails action figures, the toy organization reconsiders replaces such notorious characters as James Bond, Neo, Marty McFly, Rocky and the Terminator with ladies. What’s more, it’s good to go to the hints of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero.”

5. Emirates: #HelloJetman:

Kicking off the XDubai aero show with Jetman Dubai pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet buzz the greatest aircraft on the planet the Airbus 380 over the skies of Dubai!

In the course of the most recent three months, Emirates and the Jetman Dubai groups worked nearly to industriously plan and organize everything about this amazing project.

6. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 – #ManOnTheMoon:

There won’t be a dry eye in the nation when viewers set their eyes on this advert as the endearing two-minute promotion flings a tsunami of feeling at them.

The shocking advertisement film Man on the Moon fixates on the seclusion of a large number of retired people who may live in the same road like us however, should be on the moon for all the human contact they get.

7. SNL Host Donald Trump Tries on Sia’s Wig:

Donald Trump tries on a wig that seems to be like Sia’s while featuring in a promo for the up and coming scene of Saturday Night Live.

The 69-year-old Republican presidential competitor is hosting the SNL and Sia is the musical visitor. Kate McKinnon is likewise highlighted in the clasp.

8. What If Bears Killed One In Five People?

This video is made by College Humor, plays off the measurement that one in five female understudies will encounter rape when they graduate school. School Humor demonstrates a few folks hanging out in a carport, when Rob Riggle’s character finds there’s a furious bear simply behind an entryway.

9. Why Your Body Is AMAZING:

Your body is astonishing. No truly, it is. We frequently underestimate it, yet the way that we have 37 trillion cells cooperating to keep us alive is genuinely tremendous. However, don’t take our assertion for it – watch the most recent scene of AsapSCIENCE above to smash any questions you may have that you’re anything but amazing.

10. Jimmy Interviews Bobby Jindal (Aziz Ansari):

A sit-down meeting wasn’t sufficient for Aziz Ansari’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon—the two blockheads couldn’t avoid the enticement to troll Republican presidential competitor Bobby Jindal.

Expecting the Louisiana Governor’s hair and discourse designs, Ansari as Jindal played on the lawmaker’s mediocre survey number.

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