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From the AIB’s New Show trailer to the European Refugee Crisis, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the third week of September.

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1. Welcome to Fatherhood | PatrickCorr:

Fatherhood is the ultimate test and can be tougher than being a ninja. Check out this video which disturbs the tranquility of a father entering fatherhood.  

2. I’m Fat, But I’m Not…

For most of the people, being fat is not a choice. Calling people fat and obese on the online platform  could be little devastating for your YouTube channel’s community. Nicole Arbour became famous for her recent “Dear Fat People” video got an immense negative reaction. So, Buzz Feed made a metaphorical response by replying  I’m Fat, But I’m Not……Check out the video to know !

3. Meet the Female Drift Racers of Palestine:

Palestine is the state with most liberated Arabs in the Middle East. This video is uploaded by YouTube channel called Seeker Stories which covers most special people, places, and societies around the globe. Check out what drives the Speed Sisters to compete as the only female drift racing team of the West Bank.

4. AIB’s New Show – Coming Soon:

The veterans of Indian YouTube community are back with a new show and it’s going to be formatted as comedy news show. Following the footsteps of John Oliver and John Stewart, AIB is teaming with Hotstar and calling it as their biggest show yet.

5. EIC: Ban Ban!

“To ban or not to ban, That’s the question”

Ban is the new word in Indian Government’s bible of “You shouldn’t do this and that”. They have banned meat, movies, porn, parties and what not. East India Comedy channel on YouTube takes on this tradition and meet the people in charge of banning everything in India.

6. To Scale: The Solar System:

Only 24 people have seen our earth in the circle out of billions of people. Most of the images of our solar system do not project according to a perfect scale. To do that, four friends went to a dry lake of Nevada and  build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits.

7. Does Your School Matter?

If you join an ivy league school, are going to excel in your life? YouTube science channel called AsapSCIENCE asked their audience the same thing which every kid thinks before giving his SAT exams.

Check out this video as it has generated 679,916 views within two days of its upload.

8. Donald Trump’s Phone Call with Hillary Clinton:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is regarded as one of the top talk shows on YouTube; not because of its subscribers, but for its viewership. There are lip sync competitions, sketches of famous politicians etc. Check out this video, as 67th United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a chat with Donald trump.

9. The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained:

Syria is going through a major refugee crisis and many people around the world don’t know why it is happening. Millions of Syrian citizens have migrated to European nations to seek help.

10 Why It’s Impossible to Tune a Piano:

Explaining complicated concepts can be intriguing. Since Beethoven is long gone, MinutePhysics can tell you the secrets of tuning your piano.


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