From the heinous Hungarian reporter’s act to the lip sync battle with Ellen DeGeneres, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the second week of September.
Akshay Chandra8 years ago

From the heinous Hungarian reporter’s act to the lip sync battle with Ellen DeGeneres, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the second week of September.

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1.Hungarian Reporter Kicking Syrian Refugees:

There should be a limit to the insanity. After watching this video, you can see where war correspondence is heading towards. With the refugee crisis worsening as many Syrians try to flee Europe, one Hungarian T.V camerawomen was caught tripping up desperate refugee father carrying his son to the camp.

Reports say that she was employed by Hungarian T.V news agency N1TV supported by an anti-immigration far-right Jobbik party. The T.V agency reports that the women “Petra Laszlo” is fired from her job and could face criminal investigations.

Her popularity has gained attention of many international news agencies such as The Guardian, ABC News, CNN, etc., and also got a hate Facebook page called Petra Laszlo Wall of Shame.

2.Welcome to my channel – Maisie Williams:

What If, you create a verified YouTube channel ad get 162,483 subscribers in first three days with just one video? – That’s the power of the Starks

Maisie Williams – who stars in Game of Thrones as Arya; created her first official YouTube channel on September 8th. She said that the channel is to vlog about random moments in her life with a sidekick Barney (a Pet tortoise).

3.Will Ferrell cries accepting his Comedian of the Year Award – GQ Awards:

He made you laugh for the past 15 years acting and wring movies like A Night at the Roxbury to the cult Anchorman series.  Will Ferrell got a habit to behave outrageously in awards ceremonies, but after receiving the prestigious comedian of the year award, he just let his emotions go with the flow.

4.Mexican TV Station Uses Donald Trump Speech to Promote USA vs. Mexico:

The propaganda used in this video is so hilarious, that you will feel pity for the soccer team of U.S and its ongoing presidency elections. This clip of Donald trump was edited by Mexican television station TV Azteca to promote next month’s football match between El Tri and the USA.



Kya aapne Airtel 4G challenge liya kya?

There are many parodies to the recent advertisement where Airtel has challenged you to download your favorite movie in just 3 min. This video is created by an emerging YouTube channel called Be YouNick.

If you analyze this video, you can check that this video has increased the subscription intake and has generated 4 million views for their channel.

the top 10 YouTube videos

6.SnG: Ads versus Reality feat. Ramona Arena:

Advertisers have been fooling around people since the golden age of communications. People often had misconceptions about the content shown in TVC’s and facing the reality after buying the product.

SnG promotes their new video where they explored the reality behind these advertisements. Watch this hilarious video to understand why “Aaj kuch tufani karte hai” is meant only for television.

7.BAT BLOOD – A Batman V Superman AND Bad Blood PARODY ft. Batman:

Check this video to know what batman wanted to say to Superman after he destroyed half of the city. This is in response to the Batman vs Superman movie trailer, which had many animated parodies.

How It Should Have Ended is still continuing its great run throughout its 10 long years of making alternate endings and parodies.

8.DO TEENS KNOW 90s CARTOONS? (REACT: Do They Know It?):

WARNING – This video is filled with old nostalgic cartoon intros

REACT is a YouTueb channel and a part of Fine Brothers Entertainment (TheFineBros), which has amassed 3 billion online views and got 15 million subscribers. Here, a group of teenage viewers was asked about the cartoon intro songs and were asked if they know any.

9.Is Masturbation Good For You?:

Though it’s a tough question to ask when you are in doubt. There is no need to explain this stimulation procedure, but, many considered it as a deplorable act in the 20th century.

Times have changed, and now you have a reason to watch this video and understand a very common intriguing question which is the title of this video. This video has generated 800 thousand views in one day. (Analytics by Vidooly)

Check it out and educate yourself.

10.Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres:

If you spot Jimmy Fallon rides a roller coaster or dancing to single ladies in U.S open match with his pal Justin Timberlake; don’t be surprised. He has a way with his guests in his talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

Check this video where Jimmy faces off with Ellen DeGeneres in a dramatic lip sync-off to the songs by the killers and Rihanna.

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