From PewDiePie’s new game with Karan gill’s view on feminism, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the last week of September.
Akshay Chandra8 years ago

From PewDiePie’s new game with Karan gill’s view on feminism, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the last week of September.

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1. PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist // DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE!!!

When the powers of PewDiePie combines, we get Legend of The Brofist. Felix and his fellow YouTuber friends Markiplier, JackSepticEye and CutiePieMarzia collaborated to create this awesome pixilated retro (8 bit graphics) styled game for iOS and Android platforms. This game features popular YouTube culture references which include Minecraft Endermen and a snowbound Donkey Kong. Legend of Brofist is available to download from the respective platforms for  $4.99 USD and in INR, its ₹329.49 only.

2. Kanan Gill Stand Up – Feminism and Debates:

Recently, Lena Dunham asked Hillary Clinton: are you a feminist?
She said: “Yes, absolutely”

If you were asked the same question, what would you say? According to Karan Gill, it’s more appropriate to say “I am not a feminist and I am actually happy” than going for a long conversation. This Clip is exclusively released on 22nd Sept for his Indian tour ‘’Feelings in India” has generated 132 thousand views in just 3 days.

3. Virginity – PDT GyANDUu Viral film no.5 – Comedy / Wife / Husband / Couple – PDT:

Indian society is a crazy bread and women often became the victims of this craziness. Alfa male domination is creating a lethargic environment among joint families and marriages. PuraniDiliTalkies effectively demonstrated how women’s virginity plays a vital role in their marriages with the help of a clever sketch  between a couple having a conversation about sex before marriage.

4. How to Fit in the NBA:

Jeremy Lin is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). His new video features some of his NBA mates with Riley Curry joining in the end.

This vlog post is crucial for Lin as Vidooly analyzed that his subscription got an elevated lift after the release of this video.

How to Fit in the NBA:

5. Avery crushes huge bass on Barbie pole!

Every kid remembers the first time he/she catches the first fish. This video captures this essence where, Avery catches her first fish and it turned to be a 5-pound bass by using her barbie pole. Check this video as it has generated 719 thousand views in just three days.

6. Slapjack with Ryan Reynolds

With Ryan promoting his latest movie – Mississippi Grind; and Jimmy Fallon does what he does best is to create a special blend of talk show that you have never seen before. Check this video as Jimmy and Ryan compete in a high-stakes game of blackjack where the loser gets slapped by a giant rubber hand.

7. The Nightly Show – Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed became a household name on YouTube after he got arrested and suspended for making a clock that his teacher thought was a bomb. He got national attention and white house invitation due to the school’s unthoughtful conduct and their views on mainstream religion with technology.

8. Milkshake Squirrel Steals Shake Shack from NYC Garbage:

You watch this kind of behavior only on looney tunes or in a chipmunks movie. This squirrel stealing milk shake will take you back to the classic cartoons again. Only this time, it’s real. Uploaded by the YouTube channel “The Watercooler”, this video generated 593.73 K views in just three days.

9. Messages For The Future

Apart from the complicated theory on sending CD-ROM with the names of 434,738 people to pluto campaign, this video generated a new word for the digital world called “quizzaciously” and crashed libraryofbabel.info due to massive traffic just because it got mentioned in the video.

10. Honest Trailers: Peter Pan:

From the novels of J. M. Barrie, forever young Peter Pan got many adaptations in Hollywood. This is a parody of all the movies and cartoons which used to propagate subliminal agendas of our ongoing society.

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