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Lately, beauty vloggers have become a big hit and attract a lot of public attention, thanks to its popularity on social media. So, what is a beauty vlogger? The characteristics of a beauty vlogger is very easily recognizable on YouTube. The cover the most updated beauty tips such as makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials and reviews of beauty products. In their videos, they often show some scenes when they are engrossed in makeup or styling with branded products or beauty tools. Very frequently, the beauty product reviews by beauty vloggers gets sponsorships from famous cosmetic brands.

Here, in this blog we will list down the top 11 beauty vloggers on YouTube from Indonesia who you should definitely subscribe to.

Nanda Arsyinta

Nanda Arsyinta is very popular on YouTube, thanks to her penchant for posting fabulous beauty tips. Her channel basically focuses on beauty, hair and lifestyle content. Some beauty tips from her include ‘Day to Night Makeup Tutorial’ with Rossy and Matte Lipstick Maybelline. In addition, there are also ‘90’s Grunge Makeup’ Tutorials, How to deal with Dull and Oily Facial Problems, Makeup tips for Teenagers and some cosmetic recommendations by her. Apart from that she also makes various Haul videos and generously holds Giveaways for her subscribers.

Indira Kalistha

Indira Kalistha is a woman with a typical Indonesian face and is diligent to make useful makeup tutorials for her audience. Some of her best videos include videos on – how to get rid of acne in 3 days, tips to whiten skin overnight, how to whiten armpits, how to  get brilliant white teeth, skin care before Eid, tips to remove blackheads, how to cope with hair loss and other beauty tips. As you can see, here videos don’t just revolve around makeup and styling, she covers a whole lot when it comes to beauty.

Abel Cantika

Abel Cantika uses YouTube as a perfect medium for her to reveal beauty tips for women. Some of her top performing videos include – makeup tutorial for party, grunge makeup look, makeup for graduation, makeup for user of glasses, autumn makeup look, soft and glowing makeup look and reviews of various cosmetic products. Interestingly, her YouTube channel also features a mini-drama called ‘Bittersweet’ narrated in several episodes.

Linda Kayhz

Linda Kayhz is yet another successful beauty vlogger from Indonesia. She is popular on YouTube for the variety of content that she showcases. Her channel is basically focussed on reviews of cosmetic products, beauty tips and tricks for her loyal subscriber base. Some of her latest content includes – makeup for a party, how to whiten skin in 7 days and branded reviews of cosmetic products like LT Pro, Wardah, Garnier, Maybelline, Pixy and so on.


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Kiara Leswara

So you want to do makeup but confused how to do it? Well, how to use makeup products efficiently can be easily found on Kiara Leswara’s YouTube channel. She is there to rescue all the amateur makeup users. Through her YouTube videos, she has been reviewing the use of cosmetics with branded products to make her audience look beautiful but still natural. Some of her best works include – winter makeup tutorial, makeup for graduation, makeup for Lebaran, how to care for hair properly, eyeliner tutorial and many more.

Sarah Ayu

If you’re looking for a good makeup tutorial, look no further as Sarah Ayu has been recommending great cosmetic products to do makeup on your face since the beginning. Her YouTube channel features videos of makeup tutorials that make you a bit curious. Not only that, along with the tutorial she also makes sure to tell her audience the advantages and disadvantages of a cosmetic brand. Some of her popular videos include – beauty tips on how to apply makeup with lipstick, how to make contour and highlights, makeup for oily skin and many more.

Irna Dewi

So are you wondering how to do the right makeup to look natural? All such queries will be answered if you go and explore the YouTube channel of Irna Dewi. Her channel is the ultimate destination for women with makeup woes. Some of her top videos include – how to contour and highlight makeup, soft and natural makeup for graduation, korean makeup, makeup challenge, green eyeshadow makeup and reviews of cosmetic products of brands like Wardah.

Cheryl Raissa

Cheryl Raissa is yet another Indonesian beauty vlogger who wears a hijab and actively shares beauty tips through her popular YouTube channel. Some of the good makeup tutorials on her channel include – makeup simple brown eyes tutorial, romantic look, glam prom natural makeup, makeup tutorial for Eid, smokey eyes, skin tips in 6 days and many more. Apart from these makeup tutorials, you will also find hijab oriented tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Lizzie Parra

Lizze Parra is not a new name in the world of Indonesian beauty vloggers on YouTube. On her YouTube channel you will find many tips on using cosmetic products that you may be looking for. Through her videos, she tells about a lot of things such as cosmetic brands that are her favorite and makes suitable recommendations to her audience. In addition, she has also revealed a variety of tutorial makeup videos that quickly became a reference and inspiration for women.

Dhana Xaviera

Dhana Xaviera got inspired to make YouTube makeup tutorials from her love and penchant for watching such tutorials online. Through YouTube, she turned this hobby of hers to something professional and substantial. On her YouTube channel, she has reviewed various famous skincare products and share beauty tips such as – elegant makeup tutorials, makeup for graduation, stage makeup for traditional dancers, bright skin tips with Garnier products, hair care tips and many more.


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Elin Ivana

Elin Ivana is an upcoming beauty vlogger as well as a blogger who likes to share makeup tips through her YouTube channel or personal blog. She has targeted her YouTube content towards women with lighter skin and brown hair naturally. She always keeps her subscribers updated with different makeup tutorials and tips on hairstyles. Some of her videos include – makeup tips for brownish skin, Korean makeup, how to paint curly hair for beginners, how to paint your own hair, how to keep skin healthy and bright, acne finished in 3 days and so on.



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