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As 2015 is about to end, Vidooly brings you an updated list of the Top Indian YouTube channels so far. This list is based on top subscribers attained by these channels rather than just focusing on entertainment genre.

Here, you will find the most subscribed Indian YouTube channels which is not backed by any mass media company or a Bollywood studio. These channels are self-made, produce original content and have generated enough viewership to beat their mainstream media competitors.

1. ChuChu TV Kids Songs:

Vinoth Chandar and his creative team have created some of the most catchy nursery rhymes videos which are catering to young children by the parents as there is hardly any options available on television other than Pogo and cartoon network. One of the main characters in ChuChu Tv videos is actually Vinoth’s daughter itself and is the main reason to start their own channel.

Number of Subscribers: 2,426,384   

Views: 2,773,834,482

Top Video:

2. CVS 3D Rhymes:

Channels for kids are among the most watched YouTube channels in the word. Even the top videos which generated about a billion views are dedicated for the entertainment of kids. CVS 3D Rhymes is based out in Hyderabad where they create animated video content which includes rhymes, short stories and films. CVS joined YouTube in 2008 and now have more than 1.6 million subscribers with their content made in different Indian languages.

Number of Subscribers: 1,668,182

Views: 1,990,726,236

Top Video:

3. All India Bakchod:

AIB is the brainchild of Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba who later invited his flatmate Abish Mathew to join their team. AIB is one of the first YouTube channels to join the 1 million club of subscribers in YouTube from India. They are responsible for India’s first online roast which they say was influenced by Charlie Sheen’s roast on Comedy Central.

Number of Subscribers: 1,372,773

Views: 117,727,260

Top Video:

4. TheViralFeverVideos:

You just need a rejection to start a revolution. This is what happened with Arunabh Kumar, who is the creative force behind the immensely popular TVF YouTube channel.  Their web series “Permanent Roommates” was regarded as the most watched branded web series in the world. But, their second original series TVF Pitchers made headlines around the globe for its brilliant screenplay and acting with an IMDB rating of 9.0. TVF is the first YouTube channel to reach 1 million subscribers for online content within a specific time.

Number of Subscribers: 1,234,579

Views: 112,224,556

Top Video:

5. Comedy Nights with Kapil:

Kapil Sharma is one true example of rags to riches fame to inherit the crown of the best comedian in India at present. He has won nine reality television shows including “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” and is facilitated with Indian of the year award. Comedy Nights with Kapil is special for this platform because it is one of the few YouTube channels who managed to gather viewership on digital platforms following the steps of the legendary talk show hosts like Letterman or Jimmy Fallon.

Number of Subscribers: 1,134,968

Views: 238,309,698

Top Video:

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 6. Videogyan 3D Rhymes & Kids Songs:

Videogyam 3D is a Bengaluru based YouTube Channel famous for its Finger Family collection of videos. From this collection, Daddy Finger Nursery Rhymes video has generated more than 318 million YouTube views alone making it one of the most viewed nursery rhyme videos in India.

Number of Subscribers: 798,624

Views: 915,016,224

Top Video:

7. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons:

If you are a novice in spoken English then learning it can cost you thousands of rupees. This is the reason this YouTube channel became so popular in India due to its need and lack of Indian professionals teaching online for free. They are so popular that even foreigners who are not well versed with English language tend to learn and educate themselves through this YouTube channel.

Number of Subscribers: 668,562

Views: 65,727,000

Top Video:

8. AppuSeries:

This is the fourth and final kids YouTube channel in our list. AppuSeries has a total of 14 affiliated YouTube channels dedicated in different Indian languages so that everyone can enjoy their rhymes. Apart from creating children music, they also produce animated content which includes top 10’s, explanatory videos and short informative series.

Number of Subscribers: 640,570  

Views: 600,794,563

Top Video:

9. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana:

Sanjeev Kapoor is arguably India’s most famous chef on Television. His T.V show Khana Khazana is the longest running show of its kind with a total viewership of more than 500 million. This didn’t stop Sanjeev to create his own YouTube channel to lure the modern audience who believe in taking lessons on websites. From Navratri Special to Indo Chinese and Oriental Recipes, you can find the best recipe in making. With the power of pausing and repeating the video, online recipe is the quintessential part of our young Indian chefs in making.

Number of Subscribers: 605,043

Views:  189,072,417

Top Video:

10. Nptelhrd:

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning might lack the constant production of high definition videos, but are regarded as one of the best free online courses available on YouTube India. By August 2015, they have 57 certification courses in the association with Aricent, NASSCOM, and Google. NptelHRD generates more than 1.5 billion viewership with very heavy viewership from an international audience in its 24 affiliated YouTube channels.

Number of Subscribers: 451,699

Views: 155,491,793

Top Video:

11. Homeveda – Home Remedies for You:

Homeveda created a new dimension in the natural home and beauty channels and are regarded as the pioneers of Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies on a digital platform. This YouTube channel provides all varieties of video content ranging from crabbing alcoholism to the extent of diabetes from renowned homeopathic doctors and researchers.

Number of Subscribers: 433,902

Views: 66,603,774

Top Video:

12. Nisha Madhulika:

She is known for making recipes with easily available ingredients. With more than 1100 videos on her channel so far, she is one of the most popular chefs online and was recently featured in YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book. She is regarded as the benchmark for creating a popular YouTube channel out of nothing.

Number of Subscribers: 353,002

Views: 107,397,360

Top Video:

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