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So, You wanna look like Kim Kardashian by using makeup techniques like contouring that you could never do yourself?

Other than booking your slot in an insanely expensive beauty parlor, the first thought a girl gets is “How can I do that myself ?”

This is where the Maslow’s  hierarchy comes into the picture; where millions of teens looking their way to find the perfect DIY video on makeup tutorials. YouTube helped this NEED GAP to resolve by providing one of the best beauty youtube channels you can ever think off.

Do you know that women pictured wearing cosmetics were evaluated as healthier, more confident, and even having greater earning potential than the same women wearing no makeup? (Nash, Fieldman, Hussey, Leveque, & Pineau, 2003)

As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”; this is why many beauty pros are getting into recording videos for their fans and supporters to better understand the fashion and beauty tips they want to share, especially with hair and makeup tutorials. In 2015, Vlogging genre with teenagers saw over 100% growth from Tablets viewership from 2014, contributing 12% to the total viewership in 2015.

So, if you are wondering who were the best youtube beauty vloggers in 2015 or the top beauty youtube channels you want to follow, then here is the list you have been waiting for.

Zoella – 10M

One of the top beauty YouTubers, Sugg has launched a range of beauty products under the brand name Zoella Beauty and has signed a two-book deal with Penguin Books.

Bethany Mota – 9M

This beauty vlogger got her own collection featuring in Aéropostale stores and by the age of 19, she was among “25 Most Influential Teens of 2014″ by Time magazine.

Michelle Phan – 8M

She is regarded as the beauty mogul of vlogging world. Phan now has a company with $84 million annual sales run rate for her e-commerce beauty startup called Ipsy.

Rclbeauty101 – 7M

The channel created by Rachel Levin in 2010 posts video blogs, comedy skits, and beauty/lifestyle videos. Originally from Philadelphia, she was a popular cheerleader in her high school.

CutiePieMarzia – 6M  

Popularly known as PewDiePie’s partner, Marzia has designed her own clothing and shoe line available on She was also part of marketing campaigns for the Hollywood movie “As Above, So Below”

grav3yardgirl – 6M

From ghost hunting videos to “Does This Thing Really Work?” series, Rachel has grown to be among world’s top paid YouTube celebrities.

MyLifeAsEva – 5M

Eva is also well known for her beauty and fashion makeup tutorials which consist of makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials for young adults, teens, and tweens.

Carli Bybel – 4M

YouTube superstar and makeup, beauty, fashion, and fitness guru who publishes videos to her two channels CarliBel55 and InnerBeautyBybel. She also runs a highly successful blog called The Fashion Bybel.

Cute Girls Hairstyles – 4M

Cute Girls Hairstyles has become a hairstyle reference for hundreds of thousands of moms and girls all over the world! Their 5-minute hairstyles tutorials cover everything from Waterfall Braids, French Braids, Fishtail Braids, plaits, twists, updos and much more.

Meredith Foster – 4M

With more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 400 thousand fans on her Facebook profile. Her channels are mostly about beauty tips, exercises to stay fit and her vlogging channel VlogsbyMeredith.

MayBaby – 4M

MayBaby is a YouTube channel by Meg deangelis that shows all the positive attitude and propagates love for life. Also, explore her new MayBaby Collection with full of bold patterns and positive vibes made exclusively for her fans on YouTube.

dope2111 – 3M

Tamang Phan can transform herself into famous Celebrities and Characters like Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, and even the rapper Drake.

Tanya Burr – 3M

With more than 3 million subscribers, Tanya Burr recently released her own cosmetic line called Tanya Burr Cosmetics and is considered as one of the top beauty YouTubers.

Kandee Johnson – 3M

She can turn herself into Cartoon Half Man-Half Woman or be any other cartoon character. Kandee has worked in tv shows like Good Morning America and has been featured on sites like The Huffington Post.

AndreasChoice – 3M

Andrea Brooks is a self-starting lifestyle coach who uploads fashion tips and do-it-yourself videos on her YouTube channel. She became the first beauty-themed channel to be signed to Maker Studios in 2010.

Lauren Curtis – 3M

Lauren is a self-taught beauty vlogger from the Aussie land. She provides invaluable makeup, skincare vloggs and hair tutorials to her viewers through personal, and practical demonstrations and reviews, allowing viewers to trust and relate to her.

Niki and Gabi – 3M

Niki Demartino and her sister “Gabi” are the YouTube beauty vloggers with more than 3 million subscribers. Check out their custom made DEMAR DOLL collection of products at The Niki and Gabi Store.

Ingrid Nilsen – 3M

Her channel features makeup how-tos, daily routines, and, of course, product hauls. Ingrid Nilsen, once more commonly referred to as MissGlamorazzi, is a popular beauty vlogger who was among 3 YouTubers to interview president Obama in 2016.

Meghan Rienks – 2M

Her videos run the YouTube channel containing fashion advice to visual poetry.  Meghan has developed an important relationship with her audience based on her ability to express herself in a natural and candid manner.

Brooklyn and Bailey – 2M

Brooklyn and Bailey are two identical twins having more than 2 million subscribers. Check out their latest iPhone app where you’ll get tons of exclusive content and can stay connected with all of their latest updates.

LaurDIY – 2M

Lauren Riihimaki started posting to YouTube in the spring of 2012 while in college. She recently collaborated with Ben Brown on a video titled “ULTIMATE CANADA VS BRITAIN CHALLENGE“.

ThreadBanger – 2M

This YouTube channel uses Pinterest’s to a whole new level. They ask their fans to suggest pins from interest and then they try to recreate that. So forget the big malls and stores as you can watch the people who are funny vloggers, loves to DIY, recreate, refashion and craft.

Amanda Steele – 2M

just 15 years old, Amanda Steele is considered one of the best youtube beauty vloggers of 2015. Also, she has secured a  major contract with CoverGirl.

Nicole Guerriero – 2M

Makeup and beauty guru with an enormous social media following who was named Ryan Seacrest Best Beauty Guru of 2013. She runs a blog called Naturally Nicole where she posts tutorials, DIYs, reviews, and fashion blogs.

Shaaanxo – 2M

Shannon Harris known as Shaaanxo is a 23-year-old YouTuber, born on the 12th August 1992. Shannon is mostly known for her makeup and beauty tips tutorials online.

Aspyn Ovard – 2M

Video content creator who is a beauty and fashion guru known for her YouTube channel HauteBrilliance, which has earned over 2.5 million subscribers. She also runs a secondary channel called HauteVlog.

Sprinkleofglitter – 2M

Louise Pentland is popular fashion YouTuber hailing from Britain. Her channel focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related content. She has over 3.2 million subscribers with over one hundred million views. Recently, she teamed up with a European clothing brand called Simply Be, to launch her own Sprinkle of Color clothing line.

Wayne Goss – 2M

Wayne’s channels provide a user-friendly approach to makeup videos where he takes steps to show make ups for different face sizes and often chats with his fan base to solve their beauty queries. In 2015, he was awarded refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Award and in  September 2015, Gross announced the launch of his Brow Set.

Gigi Gorgeous – 2M

Giselle Loren is noted for publicly coming out as a transgender woman and one of the firsts among YouTube celebrities. Also, she has appeared on television shows including Access Hollywood, Good Work, and Project Runway: All Stars

Dulce Candy – 2M

Before she started her channel on YouTube in 2008, she had joined the military after high school and served for more than a year in Iraq and has also worked as a mechanic. Now, check out her first book, “The Sweet Life,” available on her website.

Clevver Style – 1M

The Clever style is a beauty channel hosted by Meghan Rienks. This channel discusses red carpet dresses, tests beauty products from different parts of the world, and vloggs the best makeup tricks.

MissRemiAshten – 1M

Remi Ashten is Beauty guru and video blogger also known for her other YouTube channel RemLife. According to her, the balance is between looking aspirational and approachable is a mirror of the ideal of feminine beauty.

Casey Holmes – 1M

Holmes is a Georgia native who describes herself on her YouTube channel page as “makeup and hair obsessed.

ThatsHeart – 1M

Popular YouTube personality best known for her channel ThatsHeart where she posts beauty product reviews, hair and makeup tutorials, and nail art. She has a YouTube show called Fashion Remix in partnership with Seventeen Magazine.

GlitterForever17 – 1M

Promotional model, beauty and fashion guru, and social media influencer best known by her YouTube name GlitterForever17. Her subscribers are known as Glitter Critters. She was placed in the top 30 at the 2012 NYX Face awards.

KathleenLights – 1M

Stylehaul partner and beauty guru are known for her YouTube channel KathleenLights. She has accumulated over 1.8 million subscribers by early 2016.

alpha m – 1M

He is the male image consultant and men’s style expert who help average men with simple common sense advice. This YouTube channel is  aimed to enhance their image, style, grooming, fashion and most importantly their confidence.

Chelsea Crockett – 1M

Chelsea is a beauty and makeup guru known for her hit YouTube channel called Chelsea Crockett. Also, she had a show on Seventeen Magazine’s YouTube channel called 17before17.

Wengie – 1M

Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle YouTube sensation who runs one of Australia’s top blogs, The Wonderful World of Wengie.

Tati – 1M

Best known on YouTube by her channel name GlamLifeGuru, she is a Hollywood makeup artist and stylist who posts beauty hauls, tips, tutorials, and reviews to her channel.

Apart from above mentioned 40 beauty YouTube vloggers, there are many desi vloggers joining the YouTube’s Beauty & Fashion world. One of the best examples worth mentioning is Londoner Kaushal Beauty – (1 million+ subscribers). She has interviewed X-factor judge Cheryl Cole and creates videos for everyday makeup tips and for Indian wedding receptions.

Some of the other up and coming Indian Youtube beauty vloggers who have become the go-to channels for their preparations for Indian weddings and festivals  are

Dulce CandyHimani Wright Arshia’s Makeup MrJovitageorgeScherezade Shroffshrutiarjunanand

So, do let us know what  you think of our list of top YouTube beauty vloggers and in case if we have missed any, then do tell us in the comments below.

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