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With radical improvements in the internet connectivity across the world, free online file storage (also known as cloud storage) websites have started to grow their user base. The very fact that using these free websites you can store your information in the form of files/folders online and have access to them from any internet connected device such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets is very appealing. It’s not just that, you are also able to have a backup of your information at a remote location and then share them with anyone via a link. Isn’t that simple and convenient?

But when it comes to assessing the best cloud storage service, users don’t just look for storage capacity. Another essential element of the service is the security that is offered along with multi-platform support, usability and other limitations on bandwidth and file size. So considering all that, you might be having a hard time to pick the best storage service. Don’t fret, we’ve got you.

In this blog, we will list down the top 5  free online file storage websites that have the right mix of everything and will be useful to you in all circumstances.


Free Online File Storage Capacity: 2GB (expandable)

One of the most reliable free online file storage website in the world is Dropbox which comes with a well streamlined and easy to use web interface. But despite its immense popularity, the service isn’t very generous to its free users in terms of storage capacity. It gives a 2GB storage space to new users with options to expand it even more without paying. You can get extra storage by referring to friends, completing the Getting Started Guide and actively contributing to the forums put up by Dropbox.

The extra features that the service gives it to the users make it all worthwhile. With the Dropbox Paper tool, you can collaborate with other users and this acts an effective group workspace. On installing the desktop app of Dropbox you will also be able to automatically backup photos. Another feature called File Request allows making requests to other users to upload files to your Dropbox account. With the web version, you can edit the files without even downloading it.

Dropbox is available on desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac. When it comes to mobile apps, it is available for Android, iOS and even Kindle. With the ability to support third-party apps and services, Dropbox has a broader appeal despite the storage limit factor for free users that counts against it.

Google Drive

Free Online File Storage Capacity: 15GB (expandable)

A Google user already benefits from the integration of Google Drive and has the ability to save Gmail email attachments. But the service is not just restricted to Gmail users. Anyone can sign up for this free file storage by just creating a new Google account. Google Drive is one of the most generous cloud services as it gives 15GB storage space to its new users with occasional ways to boost this capacity for free. The only catch here is that this storage space is shared with the user’s Gmail and Google Photos.

With Google’s Backup and Sync desktop app you can easily synchronize files from your PC to the cloud. Google Drive includes online office tools as well for word, spreadsheets, and presentations which makes sharing files very effortless. Like all other cloud storage services, it also has mobile apps available for both Android and iOS users.

Microsoft OneDrive

Free Online File Storage Capacity: 5GB (expandable)

Just like Google Drive appeals to Google users, OneDrive is a good fit for a Microsoft user that uses an array of their products. It has a smooth integration with and Windows 10. Along with that, there is a reasonable selection of mobile apps which will facilitate its use on the go as well. For new users who are using OneDrive for free, they only have about 5GB storage capacity which can be increased to 50GB which is a quite inexpensive than the other services out there.

But for users who are already using Office 365, they get automatically boosted to 1TB storage space. Although the Office 365 subscription may not be something that every user would want. Some of the perks of the service are that you can easily share files with people who are non-users of the OneDrive service by giving them customized permissions. And just like Dropbox, here also you are able to edit the files even before downloading it.


Free Online File Storage Capacity: 10GB (expandable)

You may not recognize this name but it’s one of the most generous free cloud storage services out there. It gives its new free users a storage capacity as big as 10GB and there’s a bandwidth allowance of 50GB of downlink traffic per month. This space is expandable and that can be done by subscribing to their various paid versions which are monthly, annual and lifetime plans as per your requirement and usage. But if you don’t want to pay and still expand the storage, that’s possible too by completing their offers and referral programs.

It is great to note that the pCloud service does not have any file size restrictions which makes it the go-to service for sharing large files with other people. All this is possible even if the person you are sharing files with is not a pCloud user. The service has a decent online interface and streaming options which makes it worth a try. Like all other cloud storage services, pCloud also has desktop and mobile apps that allow the user’s workflow to be seamless.


Free Online File Storage Capacity: 10GB (expandable)

MediaFire is yet another cloud storage service which you may not have heard about but has been around for over a decade. After being in the market for so long, it really shows in their services. First and foremost, the new free users are giving a huge storage space of 10GB initially and can be expanded to an extra 40GB via referral programs and associating with MediaFire’s social media accounts. So a total of free 50GB storage space is quite impressive despite the fact that advertisements run on it.

But the service does come with a file size restriction to up to 4GB. Sharing files via the service is easy and can be done to non-users of MediaFire as well. It also has the automatic photo syncing feature which makes it very convenient to use. MediaFire comes with a pretty neat and excellent web interface and mobile apps which makes it easy to upload and download on both Android and iOS.

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