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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Beauty and fashion are two most common words that often come into the conversation started by one woman complimenting another on her hairstyle or handbag. Fashion is practiced in different forms of art. But on YouTube, grooming and beauty categories are the ones to break the wall with whopping 45 billion video views. That’s like whole Eurasia watching beauty vlogs everyday on a loop.

YouTube is the second most used and largest search engine online, however, when one searches beauty brands related keywords, there is only 2.5% chance that beauty brand appears in the results. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to be present and engaged in these communities.

Beauty vlogging is ONE of the sweet 14 categories where Millennials and experienced professionals in their respective fields of fashion help their fans to be part of the pop culture without wasting on parlors. These beauty YouTubers create content specifically for their viewers and not the popular brands. So, let’s check out these sub-categories of Fashion & beauty with YouTube videos that play a larger role in popularizing it.


Channels that focus on your skin and fitness


Great place for brand related products and their advertisements demonstrated by beauty brands


Videos in which creator communicates with their audience regarding products


Creating Do-It-Yourself videos, and how to transform the look using everyday products.


A makeup tutorial focused on the eyes only.


Videos related to transforming your face


Videos related to transforming your hairstyle


A video showing the contents of a recent purchase of products.


A makeup tutorial focused on the lips only.

Men’s Grooming 

A beauty video targeted towards men and have a male host

Product Demo 

Channels, focusing on demonstrating a product


Showing day to day life


An inspirational video revolving around a specific event, story, or message.


A detailed step-by-step video that instructs the viewer how to achieve a specific beauty look.

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