ListsTop Benefits of using Videos in Email Marketing to Business & Brands

Videos are entertaining & informative besides carrying the great power of engaging audiences from diverse backgrounds for longer time periods. We have already discussed the versatility, potential and effectiveness of videos used for marketing campaigns in our previous blogs.

Here, we will know more about the various benefits that can be yielded by including videos in email marketing campaigns for brands.

Emails are a great part of online marketing campaigns because brands have utilised the various features and facilities to reach their target market. At times, these emails are nothing more than a stack of unnecessary clutter that ends up mostly in spams and bins.

Businesses and leading labels have tried a lot to acquire markets by using their incomprehensible pitches in the form of ads and whatnot through emails that have no power to create any influence and often go waste. Meanwhile, videos hold the quality of conveying information, ideas, offers and much more effortlessly. Therefore, the addition of videos to emails is the best way to use the best of both worlds.

Counting the Best Benefits of Videos in Email Marketing

  1. Search engine friendly – improves SEO

The only thing that impresses a search engine is engaging content and videos are a superweapon that fits the requirement. With the fact that the video streaming platform, YouTube, is the second-largest search engine after Google, it is evident that videos mean a lot to the search engines. As videos are very engaging besides being easily acceptable by audiences, they hold the major power over content that has a high engagement rate. Videos in email marketing increase the overall site traffic, which in turn uplifts the SEO online. This is why videos in social media campaigns and email marketing tend to attract more audiences, therefore, more prominent to the search engines.

  1. Boosts conversion rates

Adding videos to landing pages, websites, increases the conversion rate by many folds. Using videos in email marketing is like the caffeine in coffee that adds to the instant kick and improves the overall functioning of the mind for some people. These videos in email can easily persuade audiences and increase the chances of changing customer behaviour as a positive conversion. Videos are one of the most powerful selling tools on digital platforms that can boost sales, improve CTR and conversion rates.

  1. Videos go viral

In the times of social media giants like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat, videos are the quickly reaching content that ends up with more than the target audience if created & executed with a purpose. Videos in email marketing are more prone to going beyond the mail ids and ending up in social media pages that can add to the popularity and help boost revenues.

  1. Improves engagement rates

People mostly choose to watch a 2-minute informative video ad over sitting and spending 10 minutes over reading some article. Video in email marketing campaigns is very beneficial for brands that are looking to reach and convey their message directly to a large number of audiences. The mails with videos have turned tables and created a noticeable effect over statistics related to sales and conversions online. Videos have the features to engage most viewers for the maximum time period. Thus adding videos into emails is a smart way to initiate a direct connection with the consumers online.

  1. Increases the email open rates

Studies have stated that just adding the word “video” to the subject of emails can increase the email open rate from 7% to 13%. It is because the concept of video triggers curiosity and hence compels the receiver to open the mail. Moreover, adding videos to an email marketing campaign is fruitful on all sides due to the simple reason that people like a straightforward visual representation of anything from simple to complex in form. Therefore, it is proven to have boosted the normal email open rates.

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