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Four years ago, the Times ran an issue with the now infamous cover shoot of Jamie Lynn Grumlet nursing her three-year-old son-mother and child both standing 4-year old boy standing on a chair and staring into the camera, under the headline, “Are You Mom Enough?” And, although the cover story was accommodated under the term “attachment parenting,” it also triggers the mother-child-attachment through breastfeeding in a very nonmisogynistic way.

When talking about when to put a hold on breastfeeding, The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding until babies are six months and it can be continued till age two. But, with the rapid growth of the YouTube’s platform on a whole, “attachment parenting” has gone too far without any positive outcome. This is the reason that there’s a big push in the U.S. from various YouTubers to have mothers of newborns breastfeed exclusively till the age of 4 or maybe 6 for some.

In America, after giving birth to a child, the mom is supposed to line up for a lactation coach who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. And even though many health insurers cover sessions from lactation consultants, many women don’t know they exist and they often end up on YouTube searching for some expert tips, instructions, and suggestions.

We all know for sure that adult content is not allowed on YouTube. And even if you upload porn, it’s not going to last for that long. But, when uploaded under the tag “ARTISTIC MERRIT” or “EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY,” the YouTuber can upload content related to “body painting tutorials”, “before/ after breast augmentation reveals,” music videos like ZAYN MALIK’S new single “Still Got Time” and breastfeeding video instructions.

Breastfeeding on YouTube

Although open breastfeeding is a taboo in almost all countries; it is not on YouTube. For example, consider the YouTubers like Spiritual Tasha Mama and Mama Cabbage.

Tasha is a mother of two with third on its way who posts videos of her breastfeeding her two young sons. She has been heavily criticized for hundreds of YouTube videos which often show her breastfeeding her sons in tandem. Her YouTube channel has generated more than 320 million YouTube views with half a million subscribers with 360 thousand average daily viewership. She describes herself as a ‘Vegan breastfeeding mother of two’ and is a vocal critic of milk consumption; especially when kids are involved.


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Channel Analysis

Spiritual Tasha Mama YouTube Channel Overview
Spiritual Tasha Mama YouTube Channel Overview


Monthly Viewership: –

Spiritual Tasha Mama Monthly Viewership
Spiritual Tasha Mama Monthly Viewership

Other than Tasha, there are many exhibitionist mothers on YouTube channel who posts similar videos on YouTube daily. So, for all who are interested in this topic, here are the top ten YouTube channels for breastfeeding videos.

 Subscribers Viewership
Spiritual Tasha Mama525,781319,376,124
Mama Cabbage Breastfeeding Inspiration257,488225,622,239
Mama Pyjama - Breastfeeding Channel174,05655,117,424
KoalaBreastfeedingBaby Angie120,64987,002,979
IRL Mommy114,271109,313,544
Rain Florence86,32369,600,073
Ana Garcia84,34288,656,043
Michele Hartranft51,39030,788,970
The Wholesome Feed49,65126,223,208
Twin Babies Breastfeeding Channel43,85539,017,697

The Darkside

7 years ago, a YouTuber called Sugar Leche Baby, A.K.A Leigh Felten was arrested after she allegedly sold some sexually explicit breastfeeding videos that featured her 18-month-old son. According to the affidavit, the videos depict Felten and her toddler in the nude while Felton was “rubbing oil on herself and the child.” At one point, Felton’s “vagina and the child’s penis appear to be in contact with one another.” Felten was arrested and placed in the Leon County jail on $60,000 bond. She faced charges of cruelty toward a child, promoting a sexual performance by a child, lewd and lascivious behavior and molestation.

And this phenomenon is not over yet. Current top YouTubers like IRL Mommy or Mama Cabbage shares explicit videos on demand through their private websites accepting payments through PayPal, or using the Patreon page to lure their YouTube fans to purchase $15 to $45 videos with titles like “Panty TRY On 15$ and up Patreon VIDEO,” “Ass Clapping $40 Patreon video & Sneak peek” etc.,
Mama Cabbage Breastfeeding Inspiration
Mama Cabbage Breastfeeding Inspiration

And the worst part of all this exhibitionism is the little kids who don’t have a little knowledge of what’s going on other than having their daily dose of breast milk. None of those kids are old enough to understand the situation as the whole phenomenon started just three to four years ago.

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But, nonetheless, there are thousands of fans of these videos and love her anti-milk views like “Cow’s milk is for calves and breast milk is for humans!”

So, do you think that these moms are taking breastfeeding to a new level of exhibitionism?

We all know that breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful extension of the mother and child bonding.

But, by giving pay per view shows featuring adult content, and vandalizing their kids on social media that could destroy their future; don’t you think they are going a little way ahead?





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