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It is needless to emphasise how important eCommerce has become for any business. Whether it is B2C, B2D or even B2B- companies have, and stil continue to explore different aspects of eCommerce to grow their businesses. Ecommerce is also evolving at jet speed. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources available on eCommerce learning. And what can be better than YouTube, where one can access these resources without any cost! Let’s explore some of the best eCommerce YouTube channels that can help you immensely.

1. WordPress For Non-Techies

As the name suggests, creates tutorials on different aspects of WordPress. For any eCommerce business having a good knowledge of WordPress really helps and the best part of this channel is that it is very easy to understand, hence all the instructions can be implemented even by someone who doesn’t come from a technical background.

2. Wholesale Ted

Young, resourceful and inspiring- that’s how we can tag this channel. In Sarah aka Ted’s own words, “My goal is to help new entrepreneurs grow & scale a business that is right for THEM!” She has been covered by biggies like Shopify, Oberlo, Jungle Scout and so on. She creates videos on business case studies, legal know-how, tips and tricks of how eCommerce can be transformative for any business etc. Close to a million audience trust and follow Wholesale Ted.

3. Gabriel St-Germain

Though this young entrepreneur has moved on from generating content on eCommerce, we still find his existing videos relevant and very useful. You can browse through his videos of Free Dropshipping Course which covers everything you need to know to start a profitable one-product dropshipping store. The channel can also be used to find case studies on eCommerce businesses.

4. Beast Of Ecom

An affiliated channel of Gabriel St-Germain, Harry Coleman aka The Beast Of Ecom is a multi-7-figure E-Commerce expert. If you’re looking for quick and relevant tips and tricks on Shopify and Dropshipping then this is your place to be. He also creates content on how to Facebook ads for eCommerce. His basic goal is to educate newbie and pro users on various actionable steps to achieve sales growth online.

5. Shopify

What can be better than learning from a platform that truly revolutionized the eCommerce business! With over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify continues spreading knowledge and sharing resources to enable small businesses to join the eComm wave. Tutorials, predictions on future trends, new business ideas, case studies, YouTube Shorts- this channel has got everything that one needs.

6. Casual Ecommerce

There’s nothing casual when it comes to the content of this popular YouTube channel. It hosts tutorial videos and case studies on WooCommerce, WordPress, eBay etc. Jake Alexander- the owner of this channel has also successfully created a lot of informative content on internet marketing tutorials.

7. Hubspot Marketing

The marketing hub of the popular platform channel delves into different marketing tips and tricks that will instantly upgrade your marketing strategy. The resources include inbound marketing, SEO solutions, eCommerce strategies, business trends, and much more. The channel is quite active and they upload content every week.

8. Neil Patel

Considered one of the pioneers of digital and eCommerce marketing, Neil Patel helps more than a million YouTube followers with easy and effective resources that can transform businesses and that includes eCommerce growth too.

9. Dan Lok

Revered as the “King of High Ticket”, Dan Lok is one of the most recognised business mentors. His YouTube channel is followed by more than 4 million people who find his content helpful. He creates inspiring content on how to create business value, make a robust eCommerce plan, increase website traffic and so on.

10. Biaheza

The flag-bearer of success that came to him as young as 16, Biaheza, creates content that will actually help you in real life as many of the strategies that he talks about are learnt from his own life. From drop shipping, being ready for future trends to increasing your eCommerce growth, the channel covers it all.

eCommerce is a very dynamic world. For continued success, you must increase your knowledge base and simultaneously keep on updating yourself with the new tricks and trends and tips of this ever-changing domain. This list of eCommerce YouTube channels will come in handy as you take this exciting journey.

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