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In the fag end of the year 2013, a small group of engineers working for Facebook were busy analyzing why most people didn’t click on videos in their news feed. Couple of reasons they zeroed in on were: Video thumbnail images weren’t interesting enough and people were impatient to wait for the videos to load. And then something interesting happened – one of the team members reminded everyone about the Daily Prophet newspaper in the Harry Potter movies. And that’s how the idea was born. Just like how the images in the newspaper come to life magically, they included autoplay of videos in the news feed. That’s how it all started.

The Video explosion on Facebook:

The changes started to work wonders for Facebook. Up until February 2014, only a quarter of all videos posted to Facebook were uploaded directly while the rest came from YouTube. But just one year later, the ratio turned upside down! By Feb 2015, 70% of Facebook videos were uploaded directly! The number of video streams per day hit a staggering 4 Billion!

Sample this – Popular News site Buzzfeed’s video views on Facebook grew 80 times within a year touching 500 million in April 2015!

Facebook Video Stats 2015
This tremendous growth of video on Facebook has opened up new avenues for online video creators. Just like how brands and creators were creating consistent videos for YouTube, they’re doing it for Facebook as well. In this blog, we list down the top Facebook video creators from India:

Note: The list is in no particular order but only lists down the most popular Facebook Video Creators from India

Top Facebook Video Creators from India


The Viral Fever or (TVF) is a new age Media entertainment Brand launched in 2010 by Arunabh Kumar. Their witty and satirical takes on Indian Politics, movies, culture and lifestyle have already won them rave reviews. Although YouTube was/is their primary focus area, they have a huge following on Facebook as well. Their Facebook page has more than a million likes and they boast of a very engaging and loyal fan following.

TVF Facebook Videos

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook

The Logical Indian:

Arguably the most popular Facebook page among Indian millenials, it focuses on social issues and relevant news items that usually escape the eyes of the traditional media. They not only run one of the biggest Facebook pages in India (More than 4 millions likes!); they also have one of the most loyal and engaging fans.

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook


This independent news venture which publishes important political and cultural stories is quite a strong force on Facebook as well. It’s Facebook page has more than 100 thousand likes (138,801 at the time of publishing the blog) and it mostly posts short form videos less than 1 minute long.

It looks as though their priority right now is not generating a lot of views for their Facebook videos, but to drive more targeted traffic to their website.

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook.

Buzzfeed India:

Well, do you really need an introduction to Buzzfeed? The social news enterprise has a global audience of more than 200 Million people! It’s Facebook page aimed specifically at Indian audience has 195 thousand likes as of today. Almost all their videos are similar to the ones released for their global audience, but with a bit of Indian masala thrown in.

Buzzfeed India Facebook Videos

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The Quint:

The Quint is an independent news enterprise and a brainchild of Network 18’s founder Raghav Bahl. It offers a sharp critique on myriads of topics like Politics, Sports, entertainment, food etc. It’s Facebook page has a whopping 260 thousand likes and like Scroll; it also focuses more on posting short form videos that can drive targeted traffic to its website.

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook

Varun Pruthi

Varun Pruthi is an Actor/Dancer/Director/Editor. From recreating the Nirbhaya incident to handing out money to people in need; he’s done quite a few experiments in his videos. He has a sizeable following both on Facebook(More than a million likes to his page) and YouTube(277 thousand subscribers to his channel). His project is titled Bringing Humanity Back and it has garnered a lot of supporters as well as detractors.

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook

The Better India

The Better India is an online publication that shares Positive stories about India. Their stories usually centre around less heard of heroes, innovators, social workers and achievers. Their Facebook page has more than 450 thousand likes.

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook


ScoopWhoop is one of the most popular internet media and news companies from India. They started off as a viral content sharing website but have recently shifted their focus towards news and socio-cultural issues as well. Founded in 2013 by the alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, they have a massive following on all social media channels. Their Facebook page has more than 1.5 million likes!

ScoopWhoop Facebook Videos

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Being Indian

Being Indian is a social media centered content publisher which focuses not only on serious social, cultural and political issues but also on quirky humor peculiar to India and Indian-ness. Their Facebook page has more than 2.5 million likes!

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook

Shudh Desi Endings

Inspired by popular animated web-series “How it should have ended” from the US, Shudh Desi Endings is India’s most popular movie spoof channel on YouTube. Its Facebook page has more than 300 thousand likes.

Click here to check out their videos on Facebook

Our plans:

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