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Shradha Singh3 years ago

Everybody’s favorite show about scheming, duels and who will finally get to the Iron throne is finally back with a bang. The season premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7 generated a record breaking milestone for HBO with more than 10 million views during the live broadcast. The first episode titled “Dragonstone” also become the show’s most-tweeted episode of all time, garnering over 2.4 million tweets.

So, if you are one of those Thronies who cannot wait for the next episode, and wanna talk about spoilers, fan theories on various aspects of A Song of Ice & Fire books and its television series then here is a list of the Top 10 YouTube channels who loves reviewing Game of Thrones episode frame by frame, and discuss conspiracy theories with legit explanation.

Emergency AwesomeEmergency Awesome:
Viewership – 1,902,855
Subscribers – 622,277,280

Taking the number 1 spot is the YouTuber who’s bread and butter is diving in-depth into trend-setting TV shows and movies. He’s big into doing an episode by episode reviews for the Games of Thrones. He has done some impressive trailer breakdowns which have spot-on predictions. With over 1,00,000 subscribers, this YouTuber sure has a loyal fan following when it comes to Game of Thrones.

GameofThronesGame of Thrones:
Viewership – 554,292,266
Subscribers – 2,369,280

The GoT channel is your one stop shop for getting an inkling as for what’s to come. The channel is loaded with cast interviews and recaps. You can watch some cool behind scenes snippets and deleted scenes. Catch all the gossip of the medieval drama right here.

The Last Harpy:
Viewership – 65,509,678
Subscribers – 270,230

This channel is perfect for those who enjoy fantasy theories. From GoT predictions to confirming and denying fan theories to filling you in on the shows storyline leaks, this channel has it all. Make no mistakes, this channel has been known to be a critic of the show too. You are bound to find many videos on mistakes that you didn’t catch too.

Alt Shift X:
Viewership – 58,433,183
Subscribers – 617,653

Few channels offer quick, clinical and precise explanations of GoT, unlike Alt Shift X. From refresher videos to answering some deep questions that probably didn’t even come across to you while watching the show, this YouTube channel is bound to have you coming back for more. It is the go to place for theories and shows conspiracies.

Preston Jacobs:
Viewership – 36,530,219
Subscribers – 138,322

After looking up this channel, you will feel like you probably didn’t pay as much attention to detail while watching GoT as you should have. Luckily, you have this YouTube channel to fill you in. With a comprehensive analysis of the book vs. the show, this channel will keep you up to speed with what is going on. This Youtuber has got an eye for detail and has a smart take on how the show will proceed in times to come.

Viewership – 35,592,317
Subscribers – 160,916

If GoT Q&A is really your thing, then you would thoroughly enjoy the RedTeamReview YouTube channel. This channel is filled with a comprehensible history of the show and could help you settle out those disagreements you have with your friends about the show. A great place to keep yourself happy even though your new favorite character got axed.

Talking Thrones:
Viewership – 10,843,804
Subscribers – 52,504

A Channel for the Got fanatic in you. The channel uploads several times a week with almost each and everything about the show. Highlighted individual journeys, with interesting theories to ponder upon and enjoy your heart’s fill of the world of Game of Thrones. Geeky, but quite useful for any avid fan.

Secrets of the Citadel:
Viewership – 6,550,418
Subscribers – 38,188

This UK based channel, will help you unlock some dark secrets of the show. Enjoy enticing news alerts, speculation and a whole much more. The Secrets of the Citadel gives a great chapter to chapter breakdown of the books too. You can read along and find out what you might have missed out on before.

Because Geek:
Viewership – 5,356,556
Subscribers – 64,782

The Canadian based Youtuber is currently fixated on Game of Thrones and loves to talk in depth about fantasy, dragons, and lot about what goes on inside the world of GoT.

Game of Theories:
Viewership – 4,440,748
Subscribers – 33,592

For great GoT content, impressive Top 5 lists with some insightful discussions; enjoy the history of the world of Westeros and its theories.

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