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The world of design is one of the most dynamic environments. In the digital space where the scope is ever-increasing, new trends are being introduced every now and then. Like most industries, Instagram takes the front seat when you’re looking for inspiration. Here are some of the best graphic design Instagram accounts that should be on your daily check-in bucket. 

1. Simply Cool Design:

As the name suggests, they post really cool graphic design posts. The posts are idea driven and often thought-provoking.  This handle also features visual artists from across the globe. However, they only concentrate on static graphic art.

2. Ramotion:


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Ramotion is a digital product agency, specialising in static and motion graphic arts. From digital identity creation to interactive UX-UI design, the agency has been a game changer in the world of graphic design. They have done some ground-breaking graphical work for the marquee brands like Mozilla, Netflix, Salesforce etc.

3. Aaron James Draplin:


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Aaron James Draplin the celebrated graphic designer and his Instagram page Draplin can be a source of endless inspiration for every graphic design enthusiast. Here, you can find his creative graphic arts, new trends,  information on various skill-sharing sessions he is conducting and so on. 

4. Amandeep Singh:


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The illustrator and storyteller Amandeep Singh’s Instagram handle Inkquisitive will open the doors of creative visions. His creations often include slices of life and often have socio-political influence. His use of colours and motifs creates the perfect mood boards for his followers and are highly engaging.

5. Graphic Design Central:

Considered one of the best graphic design Instagram accounts that is always on the radar of people looking for artistic inspiration. The handle features some of the most unique and ‘in-trend’ designs of various graphic designers.

6. UX Designer World Collective:

If you’re looking for design inspiration mostly in the field of UX-UI then this will be one of your most visited handles. They share tips and tricks, future design forecasts, UX-UI moodboards etc.  

7. G R A P H I C • D E S I G N:

This handle is dedicated to promoting graphic designers & artists from all around the world. Their feed has a healthy mix of artistic expressions, tips to improve your graphical art, avant-garde and futuristic designs. 

8. Design Inspiration:


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Curated by Nick Cave, Gfx Mob celebrates the true spirit of graphical artistic expressions. Here you can find illustrative and graphic design inspirations covering minimalism, art deco, vector designs and so on.

9. Rafael Serra:


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As graphic designers, we often look for inspiration in creating logos and lettering. Rafael Serra, in her Instagram handle- faelpt, creates examples that would go a long way. You can find different logo and lettering renditions of very popular and iconic brands like Google, Lego, Apple, Nike, IKEA etc. She also posts about her design collaborations and has a dedicated following.



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If you’re looking for design inspiration that flows beyond industries and cultures fret not!  The celebrated artist and illustrator MONICA AHANONU has got you covered. Her fluid designscapes connect the world of fashion, web design, physical art installations and so on. She also posts her collaborative works with eminent brands like Mastercard, Frito Lay.

Instagram is a perfect place to explore and understand what’s working with the different audience groups. It is also a great platform to get inspiration for your design niche and to test various design methods. 

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