Video MarketingTop handicraft Facebook video pages you should follow to get DIY design ideas

Facebook has become a great platform for people to share their ideas and expertise. There are some pretty amazing Facebook pages that cover DIY tips and crafts and can help one to build their own crafts step by step.

Here is a countdown of the very best pages on Facebook on crafts that are bound to make any one’s jaw drop and go wow.

The Crochet Crowd:
Facebook Followers – 1,173,144

The Crochet Crowd has managed to garner a loyal fan following. They have managed to crochet just about anything. From cute crocheted minions to teddy bears and even aliens, this page is your one stop shop for learning how to crochet. This page even has a website of its own. Do check it out if crochet is your thing.

Crafting Geek:
Followers – 3,988,986

If you like jazzy phone covers and bling notebooks, you will relate to CraftingGeek for sure. She has raw artistic talent which has been managed to bring her vintages agendas to life. Using washi tape and light switches, CraftingGeek will surely make all your DIY projects fun and challenging. The tutorials on her page are in Spanglish but are easy enough for anyone to interpret.

Followers – 1,031,106

Even though Kreattiva isn’t an English FB page, it does house some pretty incredible tutorials for those who like to indulge in crafts. If you are unable to get a hang of the text, use translate on Facebook and your job is half done. Kreattiva can change shirts to pillow covers and make some adorable desserts.

Followers – 210,032

Craftsy is an FB page that has been doing the rounds in the DIY community for quite a while now. You can learn how to start your own bakery, use succulent arrangements and even learn how to knit. There is something for everybody on this page. A simple look through on their page will leave an indelible impression on your mind for sure.

Followers – 1,788,198

A Facebook page that some great how to do stuff that you try on your own or with friends. You will find some hacks from a century ago to how to clean up your house in no time. With over a million followers, HomeTipsWorld is quite trusted globally.
Followers – 1,276,966

Another popular website that runs an even more popular FB page who has great pieces on ‘how you can baby proof your kitchen’ to ‘how you can hide the clutter in your kitchen’. If you want to learn how to DIY and more, well, this is the place for you.

Followers – 375,334

This stunning FB page is run by a single individual and uses some Ikea stuff but somehow manages to make it even better. The ideas at Ikeahacker are downright amazing.

DIY Divas:
Followers – 16,704

They may not have that big a fan following on FB but these Divas sure pack a punch. The mother daughter duo is known to be super creative when comes to DIYing just about anything. There ‘ gender reveal’ cookies were a huge hit with the YouTube audience are perfect for those hosting a baby shower.

The DIY Show Off:
Followers –  101,009

If you are passionate about gardening, then DIY Show Off is awe-inspiring, to say the least. A small sneak-peek on this page is bound to leave you smiling from ear to ear. The tips being passed on are informative and insightful.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals:
Followers – 252,442

If you’ve ever thought about building something with wood, Then all you need to be a woodworker is the desire to watch his DIY videos and get creative.


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