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YouTube is one of the pillars of knowledge sharing in the digital world. With countless channels across all genres, it’s a powerhouse of shared information. If you’re interested in History, you’re in for lots choices too. Here, we will give top 10 YouTube channels that provide wholesome knowledge on History with their frequent and quality content. 

1. History Channel:

Love history? Then we’re sure your already exposed to this channel. History channel is probably the first option when you’re looking for such content. From ancient wars, customs, historic events, lives of politicians to ancient lost recipes- this channel covers it all. Informative and engaging- no wonder it’s the go-to choice for so many subscribers

2. Oversimplified:

Remember those History classes? Loads of us will rather just look outside of windows than to pay attention to gruelling lessons. Wish someone had taught us in the ‘Oversimplified’ way! Imagine learning about French Revolution, with stories and twists, simple visuals and even fun facts-with this YouTube channel, you can. This is also a perfect channel for children as the content is really easy to grasp and even fun at times. 

3. AlternateHistoryHub:

They say History helps us predict and that’s probably the essence of this handle. Do you ever     wonder what would have had happened if Dinosaurs never got extinct? Or say if France did not surrender in WWII? This channel tries to picture these curious questions. 

4. Timeline- World History Documentaries:

You know how thanks our busy lives, we tend to add some shows, documentaries in our Wishlist and they get lost eventually? Or at times, wouldn’t it have been better if someone just gave us a list of things to watch which interest us? Well, if you’re a history lover- there’s hope!  Timeline- World History Documentaries does exactly that. They curate some of the best shows and documentaries from prominent broadcasters, including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and PBS. Shows on battles, turning points of History, secrets, History of different ethnicities- you have them all here.

5. The History Guy:

It’s not easy to capture History that shaped our past and future. It’s even more difficult to capture it between 5-15 mins. But that’s what The History Guy does. The ever-so-suave Lance Geiger beautifully narrates events, moments, decisions and facts of History. For our ever-decreasing attention span and busy lives these contents are perfect. Episodes are generally posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

6. Weird History:

Another very popular YouTube channel is Weird History. As the name suggests- this channel is dedicated to weird history facts, events and myths. Some of these videos will feel lightyears away from reality- but they are, rather were real! While watching their content you can’t help but respect the amount of dedication and research have gone into to satiate the team’s curiosity. So if you want to stun people with weird history facts like how was living in Mediaeval castle or what were considered as junk food in that period- do check out this handle.

7. Tasting History With Max Miller:

In a lot of ways History is not only about banal hard facts. It is also about myths, stories and imaginations. If you’re both a lover food and History- you will be thankful to Max Miller- an ex-employee of Disney who has been dedicatedly exploring recipes from different Historical periods- what’s even more amusing is that he also tries out making dishes from mythical and Historical shows. So, stock up your kitchen and start trying out cooking these recipes with Tasting History With Max Miller

8. Epic History TV:

With his exposure and experience in making History documentaries for TV, Toby Groom started this channel back in 2015. Till date, this channel is known for its well-researched, dramatic and interesting content on History. From Mediaeval to Modern this channel caters to varied interest groups. 

9. Overly Sarcastic Productions:

This YouTube channel takes up slightly controversial and dark topics of History. They recommend this channel to be viewed by high school students and up. The topics are not only restricted to hard Historic facts and events but also delves into literature and mythology.

10. The Great War:

If you like create a mind map of how wars and related events, across the world, have shaped History and changed the course of future events, this is the place to be. Jesse Alexander covers important events that took place exactly 100 years ago.his


So, if you’re History buff and looking for right repository of knowledge and content, this list will surely help you.

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