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The world of YouTube provides its audience content in all and every form. One category that attracts a major chunk of eyeballs on the platform on a daily basis is News content. All the top News Broadcasters in India have now taken the plunge into digitizing their news broadcasts simultaneously on YouTube, in order to keep their digital audience abreast with all that is happening in the country and the world across various topics.

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In this blog, we will find out about the Top 10 News YouTube Channels of 2018 in India that are competing against each other to get to their digital savvy users first.


Over the years, Aaj Tak has been regarded as one of the best Hindi News Channels in the country for both TV broadcasting and digital foray. The channel covers latest news content in all forms – politics, entertainment, Bollywood, business, and sports. In the year 2018, Aaj Tak was able to add 7.35 million subscribers more to it’s steadily growing audience base from last year. The content on their homepage is curated around various news segments along with a Livestream of the T.V. broadcast for the digital viewers to loop in.


IndiaTV has gained considerable credibility within a short span of time. It continues to be a benchmark of innovation, impact and viewer support. IndiaTV’s YouTube presence follows it’s already established “courageous and different” perception in the News market. The channel has gained more than 5.02 million subscribers in 2018, making it stand on the second spot of the Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India. The channel showcases a variety of news content regarding politics, sports, entertainment, and even some current affairs inspired animated content. The constant Livestream of the T.V broadcast also adds great value.


Debuted as STAR News in 2004, a rebranding campaign led to it becoming ABP News in 2012. It is one of the most popular Hindi News Channel that is known to have a balanced and fair approach of reporting news content. In 2018, ABP News gained more than 4.95 million subscribers making it stand on the third spot in the list of Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India. Rather than having the generic broad news content bifurcations on their channel homepage, ABP News takes the approach to highlight specific trending content organized into playlists. Livestream content from daily T.V broadcasts is also part of their YouTube content strategy.


Next9News is one of India’s fastest growing YouTube News Channel which provides updates from the entertainment, music and film industry on a daily basis. The channel’s content strategy revolves around keeping their viewers and subscribers updated with the latest gossips and affairs connected with celebrities and their lesser-known secrets. In the year 2018, Next9News gained more than 4.26 million subscribers to attain the fourth spot in the list of Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India.



The Lallantop YouTube Channel covers News content around all latest topics from politics, entertainment, sports, and social media. It also covers movie reviews and opinion news amongst others. All the content is in the Hindi language. The channel has gained more than 3.6 million subscribers in 2018 and it stands on the fifth spot in the list of Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India.


ABP News has always defined itself as a responsible new broadcaster with a fair and balanced approach that combines prompt reporting with insightful analysis of news and current affairs. Their YouTube Channels reflect of that same vision. After ABP News topping this list, even it’s Hindi vertical on YouTube makes an appearance. This channel follows the same content strategy as the flagship channel, with the Hindi language as the mode of communication. The channel has gained more than 3.46 million subscribers in 2018.


NMF NEWS is a digital news property that aims to break free from the conventional news reading and brings the snackable news content from latest topics from India, world, politics, business, technology, entertainment, sports, and science. The NMF News YouTube Channel gained 2.93 million subscribers in 2018 and stands on the seventh spot in the list of Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India. Apart from just focusing on the general news topics, NMF also features Documentaries, Biographies and Facts content on their channel homepage.


Zee Media Corporation Ltd (ZMCL) is India’s largest News Network that reaches out to the Indian masses through their national and regional News Channels. The YouTube Channel of Zee showcases snippets of all types of news content from their T.V. Broadcasts. In the year 2018, the channel gained more than 2.67 million subscribers and stands on the eight spots in the list of Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India.


ABP Majha is a 24-hour Marathi News Channel in India. Their YouTube Channels contains all Marathi News content across various topics just like its flagship channel. This is a third ABP News channel to make an appearance on the list. The channel has gained more than 2.27 million subscribers in 2018.


News18 India is one of the leading YouTube News Channels in the country which delivers Indian as well as International News round the clock in Hindi. Their content not only revolves around breaking news and news headlines but also exclusive interviews, series, mythological stories, and factual stories. The News18 India Channel gained more than 1.84 million subscribers in 2018 making it stand on the last spot of the in the list of Top 10 News YouTube Channels of India.


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