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Akshay Chandra5 years ago

Pranks in India is getting widespread attention thanks to the three “kissing prank” videos made by a 21-year-old prankster known asCrazy Sumit.” Apparently, according to Sumit’s father Lallan Singh, the prank video was shot on girl’s consent; but this does not leave the fact that these kind of pranks are still taboo in India.

One point every YouTube viewer should note is almost all pranks are well crafted staged plays. Pranks like drive through pranks, couple’s pranks, improvisation, scare pranks, and especially picking up girl’s pranks are pretty famous among international YouTubers. But with India’s growing conservative political propaganda, and social media platforms, Indian’s love watching pranks like “Kissing Girls” and “Social Experiment” with “GONE WRONG/ GONE RIGHT” ending the perfect click-bait title.

Unlike PrankvsPrank, VitalyzdTV, Roman Atwood or FouseyTube, Indian YouTube pranksters are yet to achieve global fandom and millions of subscribers but are a household name for Indian millennials. So, here are our top ten picks for best viewed Indian YouTube channel that deals with pranking and mischievousness.

funk-youFunk You
Viewership – 173,342,095
Subscribers – 713,618

According to “Funk You” member Nirbhav Singh in his interview for D.N.A (15), “Our group has been taking up social issues which are being ignored by the society. We usually focus on women issues. The idea is to shoot video clips in the city without the knowledge of the people. We try to test onlookers whether they attempt to change a worrisome issue or not. With this, we aim to change the laidback attitude of the citizens.”

prank-baazPrank Baaz
Viewership – 150,800,308
Subscribers – 376,326

They do videos that play a prank on Indians (girls), social experiments and all that which can make one laugh or put into deep thinking (by reading their comment thread).

trouble-seeker-teamTrouble Seeker team
Viewership – 80,739,137
Subscribers – 368,846

TST channel is headed by a couple of guys playing pranks, practical jokes and comedy in general. They are funny and their work is subjected to recent controversies involving eve teasing, sexism, gender inequality etc.

Viewership – 52,967,385
Subscribers – 278,495

In this YouTube channel, you can find innovative original content with pranks like kissing cute girls, hold my dick, pressing boobs, girls showing ass, asking girls for blog job, Indian gold digger exposed pranks etc.


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luv-rudrakashLuv Rudrakash
Viewership – 50,902,799
Subscribers – 253,221

Most of his videos are social experiments on scenarios like girl slapping, harassing a guy in public, lesbian and gay viewpoints etc.

Here are other YouTube channels.
ytv-networkYTV Network
Viewership – 50,090,056
Subscribers – 181,304

baap-of-bakchodBaap of Bakchod
Viewership – 40,562,217
Subscribers – 549,526

the-crazy-sumitThe Crazy Sumit
Viewership – 33,800,037
Subscribers – 158,270


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Viewership – 21,650,733
Subscribers – 99,939

frank-pranksFrank Pranks
Viewership – 9,610,057
Subscribers – 63,747

Generally, good pranks are part of the play, where the prankster shows attention to the subject without making them the subject of ridicule. Whereas, bad pranks humiliate the subject, focus on a negative trait and cause pain or discomfort. Judging by the number of views these YouTube channels are getting, it’s pretty evident that youth of India shares similar interests.


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