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Gone are the days when budget posed a big problem in fulfilling the dreams of an individual. For example, let’s consider singing as a full time career option. Often many talented singers failed to grab the eye balls due to this particular challenge. But welcome to 21st century, if you have a passion for singing but short of funds to buy instruments and other supporting equipment, Karaoke singing apps are here for your rescue.

Karaoke is a form of singing to pre-recorded music where a singer can record the vocals in sync with music, to form a fully packaged song. In maximum of cases the lyrics is displayed on the screen to help the singer maintain a constant flow with the song.

With time, the demand and popularity of Karaoke went up and many mobile companies pounced on it to leverage this demand. Here is a list of Top 10 Karaoke Singing apps for Android and iOS. This is a golden opportunity for all music content creators to use these apps to showcase their talent on a global level and create a fan following across social media platforms.

Karaoke Singing Apps for Android and iOS Users 

Smule Karaoke App

1) SMULE: Sing! Karaoke: Previously known as Sing! Karaoke, SMULE is one of the leading karaoke apps available on android, iOs and Apple TV. CNET in 2018 announced that SMULE is the biggest karaoke singing apps at the moment.

Using this karaoke singing app, singers can easily create solo, duet and group singing performances along with their favorite singing stars around the world. The amazing audio effects available on SMULE makes you feel like a star and also allows sharing of performances across social media platforms.

Red Karaoke Singing App

2) Red Karaoke: After SMULE, Red Karaoke is amongst the most popular karaoke singing apps available on android and ios platforms. Singers can easily record their karaoke performance and share it with their fans. Red Karaoke allows users to sing duet performances, add sound effects, balance music with video, add video effects for better output along with a list of many other features.

The Voice Karaoke Singing App

3) The Voice: The Voice is also available on both android and ios. This Karaoke singing app has a good collection of pre-recorded music of famous songs. One feature that differentiates The Voice from other Karaoke singing apps is that the more songs you sing; the more songs get unlocked from a list of top performing artists around the world. This app also helps you add different audio effects and also enables sharing your performances on social media.

Yokee Karaoke Singing app

4) Yokee: Counted as the best alternative to SMULE at the moment in terms of karaoke singing apps available on android and ios. A descent and easily navigable UI, helps users to easily sing, record and share their musical performances across multiple social media platforms.

Yokee also allows various forms of audio enhancements with echo and little reverb to help users sound like a real star during their karaoke performance. This karaoke singing app leverages the YouTube unlimited library access to video and songs.

Sing Play Karaoke Singing App

5) Sing Play: Available on Android and iOs platforms, Sing Play has a library of free karaoke tracks where unlike other karaoke singing apps, users don’t have to download any tracks before beginning their performance. Using Sing Play you can sing, record and share your performances with your social media followers.

Starmaker Karaoke Singing App

6) Sing Karaoke by Starmaker: As the name says, Starmaker Karaoke app only lets you pick the most popular songs, trending songs, songs from tops artists etc for you Karaoke performance. The idea is to pick the star songs and make the karaoke performers feel like real stars.

Another feature of this karaoke singing app is that you can also edit your music/add effects to your voice after recording the song or while you recording the song. Starmaker also has an inbuilt cutting edge voice enhancement feature to ensure the karaoke performance recorded is of the best quality.

Karaoke Singing app for babies

7) Baby Karaoke for KIDS: A Karaoke singing app specially curated for the kids. The main feature that differentiates this karaoke app from others is the collection of songs available, that majorly consists of songs for kids. An easier way to make your kids learn the famous kid Bollywood numbers and nursery rhymes.

So if you looking for a singing career for your kid, then Baby Karaoke is the best platform to give it a start. For your archives, Baby Karaoke also lets you record only the voice of your kid minus the music.

Karaoke Singing apps on iOs

8) My Voice: An iOs only karaoke singing app, My Voice allows karaoke artists to sing a unique song with an existing title track. Probably a best way to showcase your singing as well as lyrical talent to the music industry worldwide. This app also allows you to select any song or music of your choice from your device media gallery.

We Sing Karaoke Singing app

9) We Sing by Tencent Music Entertainment: #OwnTheStage is the tagline of We Sing and the features truly justify it. Available on both android and iOs, this karaoke singing app is truly a gem in the list. The song collections available on the app get daily/weekly update in order to ensure the users always have the latest songs for their karaoke performance.

We Sing also has a feature of music editing so that users can enhance the audio output of their performance. Many free audio effects are available for music editing.

Voloco Autotune app for mobile device

10) Voloco: Last in the list but with comes with a list of many unique features. Voloco karaoke singing app is an auto tune app combined with vocoding. The app comes with 6 different vocal effects to help karaoke performers easily correct their voice based on the genre, note of the music and interest of the user. Karaoke performers can also record their own selfie karaoke performance video and share it with their followers across social media.

Now all you have to do is download anyone of these karaoke apps and start singing. All The Best!

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