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Traveling & tourism content has increased as people around the world are recording their vacation experiences and sharing it simultaneously various on social media platforms. According to a recent study, Google conducted, two out of three U.S. consumers watch online travel videos and  when they’€™re thinking about taking a trip.

Also, the YouTube data shows that travelers are spending more time watching online videos than ever before, with views of travel-related content up 118% year over year (YoY). Even after this, the Travel & Events category is cluttered with misleading titles and tags that don’t necessarily resonate with the category.

So, if you are lost in your YouTube search for a better travel channel, then here are our top 5 Travel YouTube channels segregated into three categories, which are Travel Vlogs, Official Brand Channels, and Location Reviewers.

These guys are the most subscribed YouTubers whose only goal is to capture various locations, cuisines in different countries, and share their opinions with some tips to explore. The YouTube channels mentioned here share the love of traveling different destinations in the world by capturing in traveler’s perspective.

Note – Vidooly selected more than 70 top subscribed YouTube channels in Traveling and Events category – sorted by total number of Viewers.

Travel Vlogs


He is the king of adventure and extreme sports videos on YouTube. Devinsupertramp is the top Subscribed traveling YouTube channel specializing in Vlog and traveling. The heavy usage of Glidecam stabilizers and high quality of production is an important part of this famous YouTuber from Utah.

Fun for Louis

Louis is the poster boy for all the newbie backpackers on YouTube. He is regarded as one of the top subscribed YouTubers who started off his career by eating live insects on camera. His most famous vlogs were documented in India and many other Asian exotic destinations. Louis is a kind of vlogger who travels with a sense of social awareness; so do have a glance on this YouTuber’s channel with more than 1000 videos to vouch for.


They (brothers) have gone a long way since their backpack travel in the gap of their high school. Jack’sGap is their way of remembering these long trips filled with nostalgia. This YouTube channel is run by two identical twins from Great Britain. This YouTube channel generated 50,000 YouTube subscribers for every video created.

Mr. Ben Brown

He is the British kayaker, who recently filmed his own car crash on a GoPro camera. His vlogging series called Visual Styles is the reason why he is on our top travel vlogging list. From the road trips in South Africa to rickshaw run in India, showcases some seriously stunning travel cinematography, which will leave you breathless.


Mark Wiens started his YouTube channel with a sole purpose of tasting and cooking different food from different countries. He is one of the top Youtubers who pioneered the way of cooking cuisines from different parts of the world. His videos introduce the world of street food culture in different parts of Asia. If you love traveling and are looking for some tips and recommendations for a street food fun, then this is your channel.

Official Brand Channels


Rated as one of the best YouTube channels and top subscribed YouTube channels in the world, GoPro’s Videos tests its tagline “world’s most versatile cameras” in every frame of their YouTube videos. This brand creates their YouTube content by filming, producing, and editing their videos. Their content is being distributed to the Sony PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Vessel, and Roku.

MUNCHIES (by Vice)

The brand VICE is known for its edgy topics and their alternate take on mainstream topics, so, this not just another travel food YouTube channel specifying in travel and food. They’re YouTube web series like “Fuck, That’s Delicious with Action Bronson, Huang’s World, Keep It Canada with Matty Matheson and The Politics of Food,” creates content that targets the new millennials of this world.

Earth Touch

This YouTube channel focuses on the latest news and emerging stories about the natural world. Their YouTube series like 2 min roundup, The Cute news, and Wild Oceans are the benchmark for travelers looking for some wildlife knowledge and experience.

The North Face

Known to the household brand for backpackers and mountain adventure enthusiasts, North Face’s YouTube content is equally crafted to perfection. They have their playlists for Skiing, snowboarding, choosing backpacks, to videos depicting the culture of different mountain regions.


This travel brand is at least used once by any traveler in his lifetime. Their travel guides YouTube series runs through South America, Korea, Scandinavia, and many other travel destinations uncovering unknown paths and by providing travel guidelines for every pit stop.

Location Reviewers

Brave Wilderness

Coyote Peterson is an animal expert and adventurer who along with his camera crew takes you to three exciting expedition series like Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard. He tries not to be Bear Grylls but to showcase energetic persona of late Steve Irwin. With more than 190000 likes on his YouTube channel, his YouTube channel is one of the most likes channels at present.

Jacob + Katie Schwarz

Jacob Schwarz along with his wife Katie Schwarz uploads high-quality 4K videos on depicting wildlife and nature’s serene beauty through their YouTube channel. This is your go-to travel channel if you love the craft of high definition videos and visually explore places like Myanmar, northern India, or Snow Monkeys in Japan.


If you are a railway enthusiast or a trainspotter then this YouTube channel is your daily pass time entertainer. TheRailzone is an Indian YouTube channel and mainly showcases scenic rail spots blended with nature, flora & fauna of mountain rail trails.

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is always high on wanderlust. Her YouTube channel shows a traveler’s how to travel solo, pack your backpacks, travel hacks, and many other videos made only for travelers. It’s such a shame that young Youtubers follow Louis for inspiration when the whole travel insights are stuffed in Nadine’s YouTube channel.

Expoza Travel

This is the perfect YouTube channel for backpackers and travelers who need to raincheck their locations before visiting it. This travel channel provides video guides series for exotic countries like Europe, North/ South America, Asia, Africa etc.

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